Top 5 Apps That Can Keep You Busy During Quarantine

Written by: Sana Moore -March 22nd 2020, 10:11am pst

Many are being advised to stay in their homes because of the coronavirus pandemic that has swarmed the nation. Are you having a hard time finding new ways to keep yourself busy while socially distancing yourself ? Here are five apps you can use to keep yourself entertained and busy:

credit: Nike

Drop that glazed warm donut and wash it down with an ice cold glass of sweetened iced tea. Don’t let all of your discipline and dedication to a healthier lifestyle go straight out the window! While chilling in the house can be relaxing, it can also bait you to eat more and make poor eating choices. The Nike Training Club app provides in-home workouts customized to your fitness goals and target certain fitness areas. After working out, you probably worked up an appetite too!

credit: Epicurious

Epicurious is an app that is a playground for the foodies out there! This app gives you access to hundreds of recipes from around the world now at the tips of your finger! Get this, before you try the recipe, you can review the ratings others haven given the dishes, if they would make it for another go-around, and the total cook time! These features help eliminate the swarm of questions that surround your brain when trying a new dish!

credit: Left vs Right

Left vs Right is a brain stimulating game that will strengthen your sense of awareness, precision, patience and more! The app uses colors and shapes in different daily challenges fr you to complete. If you are colorblind, there is a feature in the settings tab that allows you to choose the colors users have trouble recognizing. Left vs Right recommends just 10 to 15 minutes a day, but you’ll probably be so intrigued you’d want to practice more, in order to see real results.


Want some relaxation while still using your creative part of your brain?

Design Home is your one-stop shop because this app gives you total creative control to design to feed your expensive taste. Test your design skills and keen eye to detail with challenges that will unlock different rooms and furniture options. Who knows, you may get some ideas to implement in your own home!

credit: Flippy Friends Fruit Crush AR

Flippy Friends Fruit Crush AR is an alternate reality game that brings juicy fruit to your living room. You can play this game with others or solo-dolo. The goal of the game is to find fruit within your surroundings and simply just, SMASH IT! Side note, if alternate reality is your thing, check out the Dispatches From Elsewhere after show Monday nights 10PM PST via Afterbuzz Tv Network’s YouTube channel!

Also, let us know what your favorite apps to pass time are, we would love to hear from you!

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