Top 10 Picks for Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July

Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July movie marathon lineup; Danica McKellar, Jen Lilley, Brant Daugherty, Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure, Katrina Law, Emilie Ullerup, Jodie Sweetin, Paul Greene and more.  

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Posted On: June 25th, 2020 6:04 pm pst

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Hallmark News Weekly: 

June 25th is the official halfway point until Christmas and the best way to get into the holiday spirit is by watching Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July movie marathon!

Christmas is coming early to us Hallmarkies and everyone’s favorite family friendly network will be airing 17 straight days of their holiday films. 

The Marathon starts July 10th with Christmas in Dollywood and ends July 27th. Here are our top ten  Christmas movies that you need to watch (but honestly all of them are great!) 

Number One :The Nine Lives of Christmas is one of our top picks! Zachery Stone [Brandon Routh] is a handsome firefighter who doesn’t believe in love or commitment until he meets Marliee White [Kimberly Sustad] who is a humbled veterinary student. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel 

Zachery and Marliee’s paths keep crossing and she even gives him tips on how to care for a stray tabby cat that quickly becomes a big part of Zachery’s life. You’re not going to want to miss this cute holiday romantic film. It makes us want to leave mistletoe around our house! Nine Lives of Christmas will be airing Friday, July 10th. 

Number Two: Katrina Law plays Greta Kaine who is a determined Los Angeles reporter that works for a gossip news company. It’s a race against the clock for her to find out if rich and famous Ben Tannenhill [Jordan Belfi] is proposing to a mystery woman over the holidays. Even if that means driving up to Big Bear during a snowstorm, getting stranded, and having to wear a wedding dress to keep you from freezing. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel 

While Greta is focused on her story, she isn’t prepared to start developing feelings for Ben. Make sure to watch Snow Bride airing Sunday, July 12th. 

Number Three: Grace Long [Jodie Sweetin] is excited to continue her parents legacy and take over the town’s Christmas parade. However, when Tom White [Jay Brazeau] who is playing Santa, slips on ice and breaks his arm it’s up to Grace to find his replacement or the parade will be cancelled. Tom suggests that his son Ben [Eric Winter] can play Santa. Grace quickly tracks him down to learn that he hates Christmas.

Credit: The Hallmark Channel 

As Ben and Grace grow closer during her hometown festivals, she might just be able to help him find his Christmas spirit and save the parade – fingers crossed!! Finding Santa airs on Wednesday, July 22nd. 

Number Four: A lot of us women can relate to Paige Summerlind [Candace Cameron Bure] where we would like to have our life planned out by every detail and create vision boards to make sure we stay on track. We also hope to meet our perfect guy and have an amazing wedding. But the ideal guy we have envisioned for ourselves might be opposite of what we’re expecting. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel 

At least that’s what happens to Paige when she meets Dylan Smith [Paul Greene] who believes you should live life by going with the flow. As these opposite characters travel across the country to try to make it home in time for Christmas, they might learn that they are a perfect match. Get ready to take off with A Christmas Detour airing Wednesday, July 15th. 

Number Five: Katrina Law is back again, but this time playing Anna Parsi, a talented painter who has trouble getting her art showcased. She takes a job as a personal shopper and her first client is Marc Rehnquist [Aaron O’ Connell] who needs her assistance in finding the perfect Christmas gift for his staff. Anna will teach Marc that it’s not about how expensive the gift is, but the meaning behind the present. 

Marc grows closer with his family, friends, and staff after using Anna’s assistance, but what he didn’t anticipate is growing closer to her. For great gifting ideas don’t miss 12 Gifts of Christmas airing Wednesday, July 15th. 

Number Six: Molly Hoffman [Jen Lilley] is a young entrepreneur trying to launch her new networking app for business professionals who needs a date to bring to holiday events. In order to get investors interested in her app and to prove to her family that her networking app is a success, she creates a profile for herself. Molly matches up with Jeff Scanlon [Brant Daugherty] who needs help impressing his boss and is hoping to get promoted. 

These two work together to make a deal to keep things professional, but while they are getting to know each other Molly discovers that Jeff might be her perfect partner. Make a date with Mingle All The Way airing Saturday, July 25th. 

Number Seven: Darcy Archer [Ali Liebert] is a hopeless romantic who works in a bookstore and enjoys reading. One day while she is riding her bike around town she crashes into Aiden Harris [Peter Porte] who hits his head and is taken to the hospital. Once he regains consciousness he has no memory of his life or himself. Feeling guilty for causing the accident, Darcy vows her time to help him remember his life.

Credit: The Hallmark Channel 

While Aiden is trying to get his memories back he starts developing feelings for Darcy as they create new memories together. Tune in for this unexpected love story, A Gift to Remember, airing Monday, July 13th.  

Number Eight: Emily Taylor [Lacey Chabert] is a down to earth seamstress who dreams of launching her own clothing line. She thinks her boyfriend Leo [Stephen Hagan] is a normal guy who enjoys her buttermilk pancakes. But when Leo confesses that he is a royal prince and invites her to spend the holidays with his mom; Emily will try her best to fit in.

Credit: The Hallmark Channel 

This is a modern Cinderella story that you don’t want to miss. A Royal Christmas airs Saturday, July 11th. 

Number Nine: Lizzie Richfield [Danica McKellar] lands a job as a house manager for the Ashford Estate in the Virginia countryside. While she is preparing the place for sale, Lizze plans a Christmas Eve gala for the Marley family (who are having a hard time finding the Christmas spirit).

Lizzie is caught in a love triangle between Kip Marley [Andrew Francis] and Robert Marely [Neal Bledsoe] who are brothers, and very competitive towards each other. Lizzie will learn to follow her heart and hopefully show the family the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t miss the heartfelt holiday film, Coming Home For Christmas airing Saturday, July 18th. 

Number Ten: Melanie Weltch [Emilie Ullerup] and Donovan Goodwin [Aaron O’Connell] team up to work on a new Christmas campaign for a cell phone company. At first they are having a hard time trying to come up with ideas that they both like, and to make the situation more complicated Melanie is Donovan’s secret Santa. 

To keep her identity a secret she communicates with him through email, trying to find the perfect gift. While Melanie is playing secret Santa she realizes they both have more in common than she thought. Don’t miss With Love, Christmas airing Friday, July 24th. 

Make sure you tune in on July 10th to watch Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July movie marathon. 

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