TikTok Star Carrie Berk’s Exclusive Interview On Sending Positive Messages Through Her Platform

TikTok star and author Carrie Berk discusses her new book part of the ‘Ask Emma’ series that helps us stay socially connected. Creating a TikTok video making Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh Brownies, and clapping back at former bullies on social media.

Chelsie Overocker

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Posted On: February 4th , 2021 6:36pm pst

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Carrie Berk Interview

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TikTok star Carrie Berk is known for creating videos where she tries different products and gives them a review. Currently at 1.2 million followers Carrie strives to have a platform where she spreads positivity and provides her followers with the best products to try. 

At age 18 Carries has accomplished a lot under her belt and continues to thrive. She recently just released a new book that is part of her Ask Emma series and focuses on the value of staying socially connected while maintaining strong friendships. 

Carrie sat down with Chelsie Overocker from House of Hallmark to talk about her new book and how she uses her platform to be a voice for anti-bullying.

We were scrolling through your TikTok and there are so many products we now want to try. The holidays just passed, did you receive any cool presents that you filmed a product review for?  

“My birthday is around the holiday season. It’s December 17th. So I got some interesting birthday gifts. There is one called anonymous potato. It’s a potato and they put my face on it. [laughs] So that was definitely the weirdest thing I’ve received but it was so fun to make a video about that.”

One thing we love about your videos is you definitely have some unique products that we originally wouldn’t think to try but end up loving after watching your TikTok video. Our favorite is the pink hot chocolate you made. Perfect for Valentine’s day!

“So good!”

Out of all the products that you have tried. Which one is your favorite?

“Oh my goodness that is such a difficult question. I have a lot! I’m trying to think of something interesting that I’ve done recently. I’ve gotten a lot of food stuff. I did a chocolate pen which was pretty cool and played around with. Although that video took forever to edit. This isn’t a product but definitely one of my favorite videos that I’ve done so far. I made Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh brownies. I don’t know if you saw that one. It was crazy! It got like one million views in five hours. Which is a lot for me. A lot of people were saying it didn’t look like actual brownies. It looked like granola bars. So it was interesting to see the conversation in the comments.”

Speaking of Kardashian’s Carrie also likes to try different skin care lines and mentions another Kardashian product she enjoyed trying. 

“Definitely Kim’s skin masks since we are on Kardashian’s, that was a video that did really well for me. So constantly finding new exciting products to show.”

One product that you showcased that was interesting was the snowflake Cheetos. 

“Yeah! I did one that was bagels. Crazy different bagels. One that was a flaming hot Cheeto. Oreo bagel. I’m trying to think what else. A tie-dye bagel. Those are crazy!”

Well definitely have to try the flaming hot Cheeto bagel! How do you choose your products? Is it spontaneous or do you have a plan of what you want to create a TikTok for? 

“So we actually have a product table in our house and we just pile it to the ceiling of everything that comes. I’ll pick a day and say, ‘okay what am I gonna shoot today?’ We walk over to the table and dig through. I’ll say this looks nice. Let’s shoot this today. I’ll run over to my ring light and shoot it. I’ll do my signature jiggle and I’ll do all of the different angles. If you watch the behind the scenes it’s hilarious. It’s just me trying to find my angles with the products. [laughs]”

Once you have gotten all of your angles right for shooting. How long does it take you to film and upload one TikTok video? 

“Such a long time! Even if it’s only 15 to 30 seconds. I feel like the cooking ones take a really long time because it’s a lot of footage on making that right. I did one making chocolate bars recently. I had over 10 minutes worth of footage and I put it into an app. Then I had to cut it and cut it. That one took me a half an hour. Which is a long time for one video. It’s a lot.”

We have noticed with a lot of TikTok stars they have a specific niche that their followers like. How did you discover your talent of finding unique products to try and having a creative way to film each product you want to highlight.

“When I started on TikTok it was more dance videos. I still do a dance video here and there but not as much. In quarantine I started to find my niche. I posted a video on how to get a flat stomach and abs in 10 days. That was my big first viral video that had nine million views. I realized that a lot of people like “how to’s” tutorials and I started to post some cool product stuff that I got which were paid promos and sponsorships. That started to do well. So I posted products that I got and people liked it. So now it’s a combination of everything. It’s how to’s, the product reviews, and occasionally those dance videos here and there because they are so much fun to do.”

Yes! That’s one thing we are impressed with is how everyone can create cool dance videos where the moves are in sync with the music perfectly. Where do you even start when creating dance videos?

“It’s difficult! It’s a whole different ball game than normal dancing. I was a dancer for 14 years. I used to do ballet. I used to look so weird during TikTok dancing but I feel like I studied it. I spent so much time on TikTok and watching Charlie and Addison and how they danced. I felt like I kinda got better. [laughs] Yeah totally feel you on that one”

A lot of people spend a lot of time watching TikTok videos and we like how you use your platform to send good messages. One video we like is where you are showing off an LED face mask that can display animation or words scrolling across your mask. That is so creative and a good way to inspire people to wear their face mask. 

“Yep it connects to an app and you can display animation. You can pick what you want to write on it. I actually just did a part two to that video. I have to edit it still but I just filmed where I’m writing my followers’ names on the mask and it’s a surprise. So I had them all comment on that first video and I picked some random people and wrote their usernames on the mask. It shows their names’ going across the mask.”

So cool! Great way to connect with your followers too. But not only are wanting to set a good example on your platform, you also are spreading positivity. Tell us more about your new book that is part of the Ask Emma series. 

“Yeah! Ask Emma Frenemies is one of the newer books in the Emma series and it really focuses on the power of friendships. There are some friends that get into a little bit of an argument but it really shows that the best of friends make it through anything. No matter what argument. So I feel like it’s especially important to share this message during quarantine. We’re working on staying connected even from afar.” 

You also want to share the message of anti-bullying because you have experienced being bullied when you were younger. Could you share your story of how you overcame bullying and found your self confidence. 

“Yeah, absolutely! When I was in middle school primarily I was bullied for my sense of style. People would tell me my glitter sneakers and comic sweatpants were too out there. But over time I really recognized that what makes you different is what makes you beautiful. Although for that time I dressed in these dark colors and tried to fit in. I just realized that it wasn’t me so I just stopped eventually. I strutted down those hallways proudly in my glitter sneakers in high school and I didn’t even care what anyone thought.” 

Although Carrie found her self confidence in high school sometimes she still receives hate comments. She recalls a time where one of her middle school bullies attacked her on TikTok. But instead of changing herself Carrie took a different approach on clapping back. 

“Even now I still get knocked down for my style. I actually had a former middle school bully attack me on TikTok. She found my TikTok and commented that I was a toddler. I responded back to her with a video wearing a pink outfit and threw confetti at the camera”. Carrie expresses, “it was just a fun way of clapping back. The best way to overcome bullying, it’s not by revenge. It’s just by thriving on your own. You don’t need anything to prove.” 

Carrie is even taking it a step further and expresses how excited she is to be working with a private organization that highlights anti-bullying. 

“I’m excited to be partnered with No Bully. It’s a private organization and they’re going into schools worldwide teaching kids how to practice kindness and empathy from a young age. I’m really happy they are aligned with Ask Emma because it’s incredible. We really need to target bullying from a young age. Teach kids how they can be kind to one another.”

We completely agree and glad you are using your platform to send positive messages. You recently just turned 18 and have accomplished so much. What is your future dream? 

“My dream and my end goal is to work at a high fashion magazine. I love writing. I love fashion. That’s what I want to do. But this platform for anti-bullying will always be something close to my heart and through whatever I’ll do, I’ll make sure to get that message out there and keep spreading awareness” 

No matter where your path leads you we are sure you will continue to spread kindness. We are wishing you the best of luck as you start this new chapter in life. 

Thank you Carrie for joining us on the House of Hallmark. Make sure you all are following Carrie on Instagram at @carrieberkk and TikTok @carrieberkk. Plus, you can find her books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

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