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with the Top 5 Tik Tok Videos of the Week

Written by: Daniel Lindgren – March 31st 2020, 5:55am pst

Whats up everyone?! Afterbuzz TV’s Tik Tok Doc here giving you your weekly check-up with my Top 5 Tik Tok videos of the week.

In my number five spot we have a 3 year old that can do backflips. Very impressive. In this video a little girl gets a little too close to a water fountain. Wow she is the next Kerri Strug. And theres a 90s reference none of you will know. Kerri Strug was a former female gymnast who did the impossible. Landed a flip on a bad ankle. She was born on November 19th 1977…nevermind.


In my number four spot we have an unfortunate mix up. A guy mixes up his baby and a bag of uncooked popcorn. Microwaving the baby instead. Insert dead baby joke here. For example Micro-Wave goodbye to that baby.


In my number three spot we have an amazing gift you can give yourself on Valentines. A guy places a moving fidget spinner onto his phones dating app and swipes right on every girl. Liking all of them. He either had a lot of dates this Valentines or the coronavirus. Be safe out there. This dude takes settling to a whole new level. Also I didn’t realize fidget spinners were still thing. I thought that fad lasted about as long as pogs. Aw how I miss my pogs.


In my number two spot we get a lesson in cooking from a professional chef. Someone takes a lot of very particular steps to make the perfect glass of water. Have I been making water wrong my whole life? You see I don’t use as much water in my water. You know what it was I forgot to add the pinch of water. Personally I prefer my water a little dryer.


And in my number one spot we have a guy struggling to eat healthy. We all know how difficult it is to eat those extra hard granola bars. Granola bits go everywhere! He got a whole lotta food all over him! Maybe he has a dog he’s trying to share with below him out of frame.


And with the coronavirus overtaking the nation I give you an overreaction video. A girl invited me in to share her corona. The beer not the virus. And I freaked out. I knew what was happening I just wasn’t in the mood for beer. Yeah that’s it. Thats the only explanation. Maybe I wanted a fancier drink.


Stay tuned for new featured Tik Tok videos here at AfterbuzzTV weekly hosted by the Tik Tok Doc Daniel Lindgren. That’s me!

About The Author:

Daniel Lindgren is an actor, comedian, and host for Afterbuzz TV. His alias is Disney Dan and he has heterochromia.

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