This Week’s Viral stars: Coronavirus Edition!

Written by: Ethan Paisley – Month Day, 2019 time pst

It’s the perfect time for everyone to get their 15 minutes of fame! With coronavirus and election buzz in the air, there’s no shortage of chances to say or do something that will instantly make you go viral on the internet. Everyone from movie stars to TikTok influencers have hit a homerun in the limelight this week. Here are the week’s top viral stars:

1. Ava Louise (@avalouiise)

credit: Ava Louise Instagram

This viral queen took her seat on the throne this week. Well … something like that. The Tik Tok star tweeted out a video of her licking a toilet seat in the lavatory of a plane with the caption “Coronavirus Challenge”. The video has accumulated over 20 million views in the past 48 hours, gaining commentary from high-profile celebs like Megan McCain, who retweeted the video saying “Put her ass in jail!”. McCain went on to slander Louise during Hot Topics on the March 17th episode of The View. Nobody has attempted the challenge to date other than Louise.

2. Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens)

credit: Vanessa hudgens instagram

Vanessa Hudgens just challenged the high school musical slogan: we’re all in this together, with her passive aggressive comments on the urgency of COVID-19. Hudgens went live on Instagram on March 16th and straight up dubbed coronavirus “a bunch of bullshit”, going on to say “yeah, people are gonna die … which is terrible, but inevitable?” The next day, Saint Patrick’s day, she made a follow up post that shows her dancing around in a green crop top, sloppily uttering: “I wish we were in a pub … but we’re not … cuz, LOCKDOWN”. We can safely assume she was drunk for both posts.

3. Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato (@mileycyrus and @ddlovato)

credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram

The Hannah Montana / Sonny With A Chance cross-over we always wanted but never had just took place on Instagram live!! Fans (including myself) were overjoyed to watch Miley and Demi share their tips for surviving coronavirus stress. Their number one tip was to seek refuge in humor and all of the great meme accounts social media has to offer. The pair ended their livestream with a candid conversation about their longstanding support for each other despite their infrequent contact. #friendshipgoals

4. Idris Elba (@idriselba)

credit: AP

Idris Elba was the latest public figure to contract the Coronavirus. He’s the latest actor right behind Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson to report infection. Luckily, Elba recently told Good Morning America that he’s “feeling fine” and his wife is due to undergo testing. He went on to share tips for how the rest of the world can stay healthy during these trying times. I’m personally grateful for celebrities like Elba who are brave and transparent enough to be upfront about their relationship with the disease. We’re sending our best wishes your way, Idris and family!

5. Jared Leto

credit: AP

Jared Leto ‘didn’t know’ coronavirus existed until now … celebrity privilege or silent meditation retreat?? Sounds like both. Leto says he was on a silent meditation retreat when the news first broke. Of course he was. All I can assume now is that he’s probably going back. P.S. Jared if you’re reading this…please take me with you.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from this week’s stand out stories, it’s:

A.) Don’t lick toilet seats
B.) Remind your friends you love them
C.) Wash your hands and stay inside!!

But you already knew that. Thanks for tuning into this week’s top viral stories. Make sure to keep yourself informed during these sensitive times and let’s all have one another’s back … that is, while standing at least 6 feet apart from each other.

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