Top 5 Political TikToks: USA Today, Now This Politics, Nick Lowenberg, Joshua Collins, Evan Berger

Written by: Shaka Smith – April 21st, 2020 11:37am pst


TikTok has been surging in popularity during quarantine, from dances and lip syncs to DIYs and life hacks, but not to be overlooked is politics. It can be easy to forget we’re in a presidential year with our current crisis but the Gen Z hangout is increasingly becoming a spot for the political enthusiasts of all ages. Here are 5 users you may want to start with 

First, we will start with the basics. USA Today (@usatoday) will get you updated on major political happenings in between entertaining public service announcements and feel good news stories. 

Next, Now This Politics (@nowthispolitics) largely uses press footage to bring politics news to the fore, focusing on politicians in their own words, in an entertaining fashion. Though it can best be described as progressive content, some videos would appeal to anyone regardless of their political leanings. 

Now that we’re breaking the partisan divide, you may want to check out Nick Lowenberg (@nickvideos). This young conservative TikToker mixes all of TikTok’s capabilities and new trends to get his point across. He has also highlighted liberal users of the platform he counts as friends, showing even in these contentious times we can still have productive discourse.  

Up next is Joshua Collins (@joshua4congress) who is also running for Congress. This 26 year old truck driver is no stranger to all the TikTok trends. While this is in no way an endorsement of his congressional campaign, if you’re ideologically aligned, his content is unapologetically entertaining. As far as ideology, his profile reads “CEO of Socialism” and each video stays true to the self given moniker. You may also tire of Presidential election coverage but want your political fix. Collins, unable to support either major party’s presumptive nominee, vowed not to post about the presidential election for the remainder of the year. However, he continues to post in unflinching fashion about issues that will undoubtedly shape the upcoming race. 

And if you want all of the funny and none of the drama, check out Evan Berger (@heyberg). This impressionist has racked up over 1.5 million followers with his comedic political impressions. If you’ve never imagined what it would sound like if Obama and Trump played hide and seek or built a pillow fort together, don’t worry Berger’s got you hilariously covered. 

When asked, given the political climate what is one message that he wanted people to come away with after viewing his TikToks, Berger responded writing, “I guess my one message is that love and laughter is the fuckin THING.” Now, that’s politics I hope we can all agree on. 

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About The Author:

Shaka Smith is an actor, host, fitness expert and attorney from Miami. A Princeton graduate, upon arriving in Los Angeles he began landing roles as a fitness model and competing in fitness competitions.

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