The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: OGA for OGA

Will The Umbrella Academy throw away their shot to save the world and each other? 

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Posted On: August 9th, 2020 10:01 pm pst

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*Spoilers for episode 7 ahead*

Five arrives at the meeting in 1982. He approaches one of the workers and she keeps making comments about his age. He asks her for change and she says he’s in luck. He says some say the best luck is to die at the right time. 

Five tries to get a fudge nutter from a vending machine but it doesn’t drop and he gets angry and breaks the machine. 

He goes into the meeting with an axe and kills all of the board, except AJ, who asks if “she” sent him. He replies that it doesn’t really matter. AJ offers to pay him double what she is but Five isn’t doing this for money. As he’s about to kill AJ the woman from before attacks him saying he’s going to pay for the vending machine. He gets up and follows AJ into the hall where he smashes the tank that holds the fish.  

Klaus is sitting opposite Ben refusing to let him overtake his body, but Ben says he has to fall asleep sometime. Klaus asks him to leave him alone because he’s dealing with the fact that the love of his life is going to die and there is nothing he can do about it. Ben says that hopelessness is how he feels everyday. We find out Jill is the reason he wants to possess him because he wants to talk to her. Klaus finally agrees but they need to set up some ground rules. 

Vanya, Sissy, Carl, and Harlan are eating and there is apparent tension. Sissy asks Carl if he would like a beer and he turns it down, first clue that something up. She says she’s taking Harlan in for his check up and asks Vanya to come and Vanya adds they can go to the park after. Carl says he needs Vanya to give him a ride but Sissy pushes the issue saying that Harlan is calmer when Vanya comes. Carl insists that he needs her and Vanya agrees to go with Carl.

Raymond tells Allison that Kennedy’s people reached out because of their protest and want to sit down. He is very excited but Allison has the overwhelming sense of doom on her shoulders knowing it’s all for nothing since the end of the world is coming. 

Five meets up with The Handler and gives her AJ. She gives him the briefcase to get back to 2019 but tells him he has 90 minutes, she has played him. When he mentions that she never said anything about a time limit and that his siblings are scattered all over the city, she says nothing is impossible. He asks for more time but she replies any more time and people will start asking questions.

Luther and Diego are fighting over who killed Elliott. They look up who Olga Foroga is and Luther is calling someone with that name he found in the yellow pages. While he’s talking with her Diego grabs the phone and tells Olga they are going to kill her. During this time Five has returned and says it’s not Olga but Oga. What has been written is a Swedish phrase meaning for an eye for an eye so it’s obviously the Swedes that killed Elliott. Diego and Luther comment on the blood that is covering Five and asks what he did. 

Five tells Diego that he made a deal and found a way to get back to 2019 and avoid both doomsdays. He has Diego getting Klaus, Luther getting Allison and says he’ll get Vanya. He gives them watches and says they need to be back in exactly 77 minutes. Diego asks how they are supposed to believe him and brings up their Dad and JFK. Five points out that Elliott has already been killed because of them and they are taking this way back to make everything is set right. When Diego insists he needs to say goodbye to Lila, Five reveals that she doesn’t care about him and never did and lets him know she’s a member of the commission. When Diego doesn’t believe him Five says she was just using Diego to get to him. When it’s obvious Diego is going to listen to him, he tells him that if he doesn’t do this he will kill him. 

The Handler alerts the entire Commission that the board has been assassinated, she is altogether too happy  about this information. She announces that she will be taking over in their absence. There are murmurs about why she would be the one to take over, especially since she was recently demoted. She asks if anyone has any questions and there are a ton, but she ignores them and walks away. 

After going over the ground rules with Ben about possessing his body, the go forward and Ben is euphoric over everything. He has been dead for awhile. Jill and Ben hit it off and she asks if he wants to have sex, when he says he’s a virgin she reveals they had sex the previous week. Ben is about to let it go when Diego shows up and says they have to go. 

While Diego is convincing Klaus to come with him, Ben reveals it’s actually him and not Klaus in the body right now. He makes Diego believe him by telling him that they reprogrammed Allison’s Teddy Ruxpin to say, “Luther sniffs Dads underwear.” The two have a short reunion but then get back to the situation at hand. Ben wants to have Klaus tell his followers that he’s leaving them, but Diego says it’s better to have Ben in the driver’s seat for now. Ben asks for 10 minutes and Diego says there’s something he needs to do and tells him to meet him in the alley behind Elliotts in 30 minutes and to not be late. Right after Diego leaves Klaus starts fighting to regain control of his body. 

Carl gets out of the car and walks over to a herd of cows and Vanya joins him asking him why she’s there. He tells her a story about his dad working on a ranch in California and that in 1924 there was an outbreak of hoof and mouth disease among the cows. He says they had to slaughter over 100,000 animals and a lot of people including his dad lost their jobs because they didn’t find the sick cow in time and so it spread and you have to find the sick cow before it gets out of hand. Vanya realizing what he’s getting out tells him she isn’t a disease. Carl doesn’t listen and insists it isn’t natural and it’s not happening under his roof with his wife. When Vanya tells him he doesn’t scare her, Carl says it’s Harlan she should be thinking about and he thinks the situation isn’t good for him and threatens to send him away unless Vanya wasn’t there. He wants her gone by the time he gets home. 

Luther is at Allisons and tells her Five found a way back and that doomsday won’t happen but that they only have 42 minutes. She asks if she’ll get to see Claire (her daughter) again and that she doesn’t want to end up losing everyone. He tells her they have to risk everything to save everything and that it’s their best trait as a family. She says recklessness? He answers hope. 

Raymond shows up and Luther leaves. Allison wants Raymond to come with her but he doesn’t want to leave the movement and all the good they’re doing. She points out the movement isn’t done, even in 2019 but he insists that what they’re doing has an impact and he can’t leave it. She offers to rumor him to take away the pain of remembering her but he doesn’t want to forget. There is a knock at the door, it’s the Swedes and they immediately punch Allison in the throat, rendering her essentially powerless.

Allison and Raymond are fighting the Swedes but since Allison can’t talk she stabs one in the eye. Raymond stabs the other one in the leg with a corkscrew. During the distraction Allison has regained her speaking ability and rumors the Swede who got stabbed in the leg to kill his brother. He does and then, horrified by what he’s done runs out. 

The Handler puts AJ in a fishbowl and is savoring her victory and trying to get Lila to join in her happiness saying they achieved our dream, Lila points out it is The Handlers dream. To satisfy her The Handler appoints Lila head of security. Lila agrees to the job but wants to do it her way, by making her own decisions and picking her own team. The Handler agrees. 

Five and Vanya drive past each other and both pull over. Five lets her know he found a way back and they only have 30 minutes to leave or doomsday will happen. Vanya wants to bring Sissy with her because Sissy deserves a life where she doesn’t have to pretend to be someone she’s not, and Harlan can get the help he needs. She insists they won’t screw up the timeline because they’re insignificant. He counters with no one is insignificant and they can’t take the chance. Vanya is getting angry and asks why he gets to decide since he’s the reason they’re stuck there in the first place and Five reminds her that if he did nothing they would all be dead right now because of her. They are at a standstill and finally Vanya agrees to come but only if she can say goodbye first. He warns her to not be late. 

Diego is digging a grave for Elliott when Lila shows up. He’s still upset with her and she’s trying to play it off as if it wasn’t a big deal. She realizes Elliott is dead and makes a toast to him. She takes a swig and hands the flask to Diego. He takes it and chugs the rest. He quickly realizes he’s been drugged. You never drink from the enemies flask. She spits out the liquid she “drank”. When he awakes he is at The Commission sitting before The Handler. Lila introduces him as her boyfriend. 

Vanya is packing a suitcase when Sissy and Harlan return. She tells Sissy they’re leaving and going to a better place and that she’ll explain when they get there. Sissy wants to talk to Carl but Vanya insists  they don’t have time. When Sissy wants to leave him a note instead Vanya tells her that Carl knows about them. She tells her how he threatened to send Harlan away if she didn’t leave. Sissy agrees to leave but at the last minute remembers her coffee can with money. You know there is something else at this point and all you can do is scream “don’t do it!” at your tv. 

Klaus and Ben are continuing their eternal struggle of who will control the body. Ben is able to hold on to let one of the followers know to relay a message to Jill about rolling in the dirt being the best moment of his life. He also leaves him with some spiritual last words, quoting “Backstreet’s Back”. They continue to fight over the body all the way to the alley behind Elliott’s and Klaus throws Ben up. 

Unfortunately besides Luther Klaus is the only one who has made it to the alley and they are out of time. Five is furious after being let down by his siblings yet again. 

Vanya wasn’t able to make it back because as she, Sissy, and Harlan are on their way they see police cars blocking their way and Sissy informs Vanya she left Carl a note. The police officer walks up to the car, he is Jerry, Carl’s brother in law. He demands Vanya gets out of the car and she uses her powers on them but when she’s not looking Jerry hits her in the head with the but of his gun knocking her out. 

For the slow paced feeling of episode 6, episode 7 is a mad whirlwind to the finish. You can’t help but feel Five’s frustration as you see some of his siblings making huge and selfish mistakes which ends up with them not being able to leave. 

Vanya is exceptionally frustrating with her need to bring Sissy and Harlan with her. Even though you know she doesn’t remember, we all do and it makes this act that much more selfish in our eyes. 

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