The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: The Singapore Sling

It’s family dinner time and the sibling rivalry is real on episode 6 of The Umbrella Academy.

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Posted On: August 7th, 2020 9:06 pm pst

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*Spoilers for episode 6 ahead*

We enter episode 6 with Allison being dropped from the portal. We see the same beginning with her we saw in episode 1 but follow her out of the diner this time. She starts getting harassed by some while men. She hits them and runs but they follow her. She escapes into the beauty parlor that we know from the council meetings.

Flash forward and Allison is now working at the salon and we see that she can’t speak. We know this is due to the injuries inflicted on her by Vanya from the previous season. 

Flash forward again and Raymond is there. They are holding a meeting for the SJCC. He says that people ask why they choose not to be violent. While he understands their sentiment because he used to be there himself, he knows that can’t be the way to evoke change. One of the men approaches Allison and hands her a pamphlet. 

Flash forward again, it’s Christmas time. Ray hangs back at the salon. He starts talking to Allison, and asks her out on a date.

We’re now back with The Handler, Five and Lila. Five points out that it was smart for them to go after Diego. The Handler says the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree making Five realize Lila is her daughter. She then offers Five a trade, for him assassinating the board she will help him and his family get back to 2019. She also confirms that both apocalypses will go away. He points out that she is the one that said the apocalypse needed to happen, but she plays it that it was only because of who she was working for. She explains she knows where the next meeting will take place and he says he needs some time to think about it. 

Luther says that Diego is crazy for wanting to go to dinner with their Dad, but Vanya agrees that they should go. They point out why she should trust him least of all, which just makes her need to meet him more. Luther says he will play mind games and turn them against each other, and Diego points out that they aren’t children anymore and that they should go in as a united front. 

Klaus is fretting over what to do about his cult, he never truly cared about any of the people in it which is what Ben points out to him. When Klaus makes the suggestion that they should all go home to their families, Ben explains that most can’t hence why they would join a cult. He speaks of one individual in particular, Jill. He tries to tell his cult following that he is a fraud and doesn’t know what he’s doing. He points out how most of the advice he’s given them are song lyrics. However his plan backfires and the cult find a deeper meaning in what he is saying claiming themselves as frauds.

Back with Raymond and Allison and she has now told him everything, not just about her powers but about the future, AKA Obama. Raymond needs her to prove her powers to him however so they go on a shopping spree where she convinces the store owner to let Raymond try on a suit even though he is black and that’s against the rules. Raymond asks why she doesn’t use her powers all the time because she could use them to help the movement. However he soons finds out why when she goes into the same diner as the sit in and uses her powers on the man that works there to shut his mouth and serve her coffee. When he is pouring the coffee she demands he keeps pouring and he burns his hand. She doesn’t stop and Raymond eventually has to stop her. 

When they return home Raymond is obviously bothered and he eventually asks Allison if she’s ever used her powers on him. She tells him that she hasn’t it but he points out he couldn’t believe her because she could have used her powers to make him not remember. Allison finds the invitation to dinner with their father. 

Lila and The Handler are playing Bingo, but Lila is distracted and upset that she asked Five to kill the board. The Handler explains they need a scapegoat and the ability to have deniability. She says she has bigger plans for Lila. Lila asks about Diego and if he’s a part of the plan. The Handler points out how she’s falling for her mark. Lila denies it and The Handler asks if she would kill him if she asked him to and Lila hesitates.

During yet another fight between Ben and Klaus, these two need some therapy, Ben gets so upset he makes a run at Klaus. We know this will lead to nothing physical since Ben is a ghost, however something peculiar happens, Ben ends up running through Klaus. Klaus is shivering from having a ghost be in him. 

David shows up at Klaus’ mansion to one apologize but to also ask him how he knows so much about him. Klaus uses his facade as a prophet as an explanation but David doesn’t believe him. Klaus keeps telling him more information and eventually tells him about the day he dies. David calls him a con artist and Klaus shows him his dog tags which are Davids. David says even if he believed him, which he doesn’t, it’s why he signed up for the war and that he would be happy to die for his country. He tells Klaus he already enlisted. It turns out that it was Klaus’ encounter with him and his uncle that made his uncle take him down to enlist. He ships out next week. Even though Klaus tried, ultimately he couldn’t change history. During his realization of this he receives his invitation to dinner. 

The Handler is with the two remaining Swedes in a sauna. They ask if they know her and she says no but that she knows all about them. She lets them know she knows they lost their brother and what their mission is. She says she will give them Diego’s location to end his relationship with her daughter, but tells them to not harm Five. 

Five also has an invitation and shows up to dinner. As he gets into the elevator the rest of the gang get in too. Five tries to take charge but the others don’t agree with his plan. Vanya says they should take turns talking, while Allison says she should lead because she’s a public speaker. Diego says they are team zero and there are no more numbers. 

Reginald shows up and says upon everything they have done they keep calling him dad and demands to know who they are. They explain they are his children from the future, that he adopted and trained them to fight against the end of the world and called them the Umbrella Academy. He asks why he would adopt 6 and they say 7. Ben begs Klaus to tell them that he’s there which Klaus doesn’t. They explain he adopted them because they have superpowers. Reginald asks for evidence. Luther and Allison refuse but Diego throws his knife which does not impress his dad. Five transports to stop Diego from attacking and starts explaining their abilities. When it comes to Vanya she starts demonstrating and all of them freak out but then realize she can now handle it. 

Diego tells their father that they know that he is in on the plot to kill the president, and he accuses Diego of being paranoid from all his time in the crazy house. Diego shows him the photo of himself on the grassy knoll and Dad says what everyone has been saying the entire series about his hero complex. Everyone starts bickering about doomsday and Dad points out that if they have the powers they should be the ones to do something about it. He says he’s seen enough and asks Five for a word before he leaves. 

Upon leaving Diego sees Grace and tells her that Reginald is planning on killing the president. She doesn’t believe him saying it’s ridiculous prompting Diego to show her the photographs. He tells her to ask him herself. 

Dad calls Five the sensible one of the bunch, which Five points out is because he’s the oldest. Dad asks why he quoted Homer to him in Greek and Five says it’s because he forced them to learn it in the original greek. He explains he needs Dad’s help to stop the end of the world and if he doesn’t help them Five will be forced to do something he doesn’t want to do (assassinate the board of The Commission). He explains to dad that when he has tried to jump through time he always over steps and Dad tells him to try for smaller amounts of time. Five apologizes for giving him a hard time as a kid and says he didn’t know any better. 

Elliott returns home unknowingly to the Swedes, when he can’t tell them where Diego is, they start torturing him. 

Sissy, who also showed up to the place they were having dinner, tells Vanya she doesn’t like how they left things and that she wants to explain. She says whatever they have is dangerous, meaning being attracted to each other. She explains some people don’t get to have the life they want but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it. Vanya asks what if they go somewhere away from there and Carl, she won’t let anything happen to her or Harlen and promises to protect them. When she asks Sissy to trust her, Sissy does but says Carl can’t know because his brother’s a state trooper. They make a promise to not act like anything has changed before they leave and kiss each other, unfortunately for them Carl has witnessed the whole thing. (Who’s watching Harlan?) 

Diego and Luther arrive back at the apartment to find Elliott dead and a message written in his blood OGA FOROGA. 

Five arrives at The Handlers hotel. He says to be clear he takes out the board and she gets him and his family home with no more doomsday or apocalypse. She says that’s the deal and he agrees to do it. She gives him the location of the board meeting. (The Lonely Lodger Inn. Oshkosh Winsconsin 1982.) 

This episode ran a bit slower for me. Between all the sibling rivalry and trying to outdo each other, it felt like too much of a step back to season one. On top we really don’t get much driving the storyline further, felt a bit like a filler. 

I also wish I cared more about Elliotts death, but his character never really got the chance to connect with the audience. However the acting continues to be amazing and what they did give us in terms of set up made me excited for the next episodes. 

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