The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Valhalla

The group is back together in episode 5 of The Umbrella Academy.

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Posted On: August 6th, 2020 11:42 pm pst

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*Spoilers for episode 5 ahead*

We open up by seeing Pogo and Grace at their beginning. She is a scientist and is preparing Pogo to go to space. When his rocket crashes all seems lost, but Reginald uses a serum that miraculously heals him. 

Five turns on Lila and tells her that if he ever sees her again he will kill her. She turns to Diego but has now lost his trust. She makes up an excuse to explain why she helped Five in the fight but not him. Diego tells her that he’s used to dealing with liars but that he likes it better when he knows what they’re lying about. 

Klaus wakes after spending the night on Allison’s couch to avoid dealing with his followers. Ben and him start fighting and when Allison inquires what ghost he’s speaking with, he lies and says it’s a cowboy and continues to drink. Allison at first makes like she won’t enable him but then decides to day drink with him. 

Sissy is watching Vanya sleep after they spent the night together. Vanya wakes up and Sissy says she doesn’t want to talk about it because it makes things real. She then asks if they did escape where they would go? Carl arrives and they rush to hide what they’ve done. Tensions arrive the minute Carl is back and after Carl suggests Vanya take the day off Sissy decides to spend the day with Carl. 

Diego and Luther blame Five for everything going to shit. Five says they have barely gotten close to dad and Luther lets them know he saw him when he first arrived. He explains he took a bus to the Umbrella Academy. When he enters the house and sees his dad, Luther tells him that he’s his son and that he’s from the future. Reginald does not believe him, but Luther tries to convince him and says he needs his help. Reginald tells him he doesn’t believe him because he doesn’t like children and that if he did have children he would expect more of them. After a fight over who their father treated worse, they agree they have to get their other siblings and work together.

Lila asks The Handler if she was set up after explaining what happened with the Swedes. The Handler ignores her and instead asks if she brought her what she asked for. She gives her Diego’s knife but says she isn’t done being mad at her. The Handler explains that The Commission isn’t aware they are in the past and doesn’t seem concerned when she learns that Lila lost Five. Instead they go to where the Swedes are staying and deliver a fake message from The Commission, it’s a picture of Diego. 

The entire group arrives at Elliotts, fully reunited for the first time this season. Diego isn’t over what Vanya did even though she explains to him that she can’t remember. Allison, the one who has most cause to not forgive Vanya, instantly does. After Five apologizes for messing up the time travel with them he starts to develop a plan to find their father. Vanya asks if anyone has done something to change the past and the timeline. The answer is they all have. 

As Five tries to explain what will happen and why they need to stick together Luther storms off. As Five makes to go after him, he sees Lila and decides to pursue her instead. 

Diego follows Luther and Luther suggests that maybe them trying to stop the apocalypse is what actually starts it. Diego notes that Luther didn’t use to be a quitter, and we find out the last apocalypse has had even more of a toll on him than we previously thought. Opposite of Luther Diego’s need to be a hero is as present as ever. Luther points out their father is the one that instilled that in them, insinuating they don’t have to be heroes. While they are talking a black car that has been following them delivers an invitation for them to have dinner with their father. 

Vanya, Klaus and Allison are having a therapy session of their own as the three are depressed about their love lives. Klaus points out the healthiest and longest relationship in their family is between Five and a mannequin. 

The Swedes are looking for Diego and stumble upon his knife stuck in a tree, a boobytrap set by The Handler kills on of the three. 

Five catches up with Lila and the two start fighting. Every time he thinks he has her conored she isn’t there (an important detail to pay attention to.) Eventually The Handler comes out to break up the fight, revealing why Five knew he couldn’t trust Lila, she asks Five if he missed her.  

Vanya goes back to the farmhouse and gets jealous over her and Carl. Sissy isn’t ready to leave him and fulfill the life she wants. In this time period it wouldn’t be easy and the character is portraying a real conflict many people deal with. Vanya can’t deal with it and leaves. 

As she does we see a montage of the group and the conflicts they are facing. Diego and Luther deciding what to do about the letter. Klaus confronting his cult, and Allison deciding to tell Raymond everything. As they go through the Swedes give their brother a viking funeral. 

Overall this episode was good, although it can feel infuriating to have the group back together just to be torn apart again. It’s also hard to feel any emotion for the Swedes losing their brother as we don’t have the emotional connection to them like we did Hazel and Cha-Cha in season 1. 

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