The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: The Majestic Twelve

Destruction is the name of the game in episode 4 of The Umbrella Academy. 

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Posted On: August 5th , 2020 1:42 pm pst

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*Spoilers for episode 4 ahead*

1993 London England. We’re seeing Lilas parents being killed by no other than The Handler and The Commission. She finds Lila hiding in the wall. Fast forward and she is training Lila to be an assassin. She tells her to trust no one and to always be alert.

Back in the past, The Handler wants Lila to protect Five because he’s worth more to her alive. She tells her if she wants to kill someone she can kill Diego, she is unaware of the feelings Lila has developed for him. Lila tells her men about the Swedes and she explains that they are all working toward the same goal and that with the commission some things don’t make sense until they do. She assures her no one is trying to kill her. 

Luther awakes with Vanya over him. He asks her why she’s there and she says because he is her brother and that Five brought him. She lets Luther know that Five filled in some gaps, but that she thinks Five left something out about the apocalypse concerning her. This time when she asks what caused the apocalypse, Luther tells her she did, but that he was also involved. When Vanya leaves, Jack Ruby comes in and fires Luther for throwing the fight.

Vanya tells Five she’s going back to the farm and reveals that she knows she is the reason for the apocalypse and they start to argue. She asks what else he isn’t telling her and he responds a lot. He wants to know that when he needs her will she be ready. She says that she can’t help him because she can’t even remember who she is. He tells her that she is his sister and a member of the Umbrella Academy whether she likes it or not, but that’s who she was, it’s a new timeline and a new her. 

Allison is looking for Raymond at hospitals and Klaus is trying to help her. She tells Klaus how Raymond saw her rumor the cop, and he reassures her that she was trying to help him. He tries to help her but in true Klaus fashion just comes off as confusing and unhelpful.

Allison goes to the beauty parlor and the group is having a meeting with Raymond. Allison storms in mad that he didn’t come home and didn’t tell her where she was. He thinks she is working with the police because she was able to get the officer to walk away, but she insists she begged him to stop hitting him. She wants to try and explain but knows she cant. 

Five reveals that he knows where their father is going to be tonight, he gives Diego the paper he found and Elliot knows who it is and says he is part of the majestic twelve, who are a shadow government. We find out that Kennedy is the first president who tried to push them into the light. Elliot gives them a picture with the eleven that have been identified so far. Diego asks who the twelfth is, without speaking it we know it’s their father. 

Klaus goes into a diner where David is and sits down with him. He tells him that he knows him from the future and gives him evidence explaining he knows why he wants to join the Army. Brian, Davids uncle, shows up and immediately is extremely homophobic to Klaus. The two are fighting over David each trying to get him to do what they want. David eventually gets up and complies with his uncle socking Klaus in the face. 

Klaus goes to a liquor store and Ben asks him if he really wants to throw 3 years of sobriety out the door, which he does claiming the last 3 years have been a shit show. He gets home, very drunk, to notice his supporters are all at his mansion.

Luther is quite literally eating his feelings when Allison shows up. She tells him he’s a mess and asks if he’s ok, he lies saying he’s doing good. They’re making nice and it’s awkward. Luther congratulates her on her marriage and tells her he’s glad she wasn’t alone. Allison explains she didn’t mean to give up on them but the last time Five jumped he was gone for years, she needed something to hold onto and Raymond gave her that. Luther comforts her telling her no one gets to tell them how to deal with the end of the world, not even each other. As they catch up with watch other, and what each knows of the other siblings, Luther lets her know that the end of the world is in 7 days from now. 

Luther comes home to find he’s being kicked out of his apartment, with nowhere else to go he heads to Elliott. Elliott is awestruck by Luther and offers him some Nitrous Oxide which he accepts. The two get extremely high and start bonding over their dead fathers and eventually start having a battle of who has it worse. Luther says he lost his place, job and the girl he loved. Ellott says that his wife left him for his best friend. Luther tells him not to worry, they’ll all be dead in seven days. 

Five, Diego and Lila are at the event and Five lets Lila know that he doesn’t trust her, being the oldest he also usually has the best instincts. When he goes to look upstairs Lila tries to follow him but Diego stops her. He lets her know he saw she left last night and asks her where she went. She makes up an excuse that she went to buy things for his wound. The two start dancing, continuing to realize how alike they are when Diego notices a woman across the way and heads toward her mid dance. The woman Diego is distracted by is his mother or the real woman she is based on. He asks if she knows Reginald Hargreeves and she’s his date. He asks if she knows where his father is and she says he left to have a meeting. 

Vanya tells Sissy about the Swedes and tells her she can’t go to the police. She explains that she can’t stay there because it will put her and Harlan in trouble. Sissy offers to escape together and insists she can keep them safe. During their discussion Harlan overhears and runs off. They go searching for him and Vanya discovers he is in the pond. She uses her power to lift the water out and sees Harlen on the ground of the pond. She brings him out, letting the water fall back in place after. She starts administering CPR but it’s too late. She puts some of her power into him to bring him back. 

Sissy is a mess over what happened with Harlan, while trying to explain to Vanya how she feels by having a husband that doesn’t see her and a son who can’t speak to her, she leans in and kisses her. 

Five is spying on his father’s meeting, but His father hears him and stabs into the closet. Five transports to the hallway just in time, but unfortunately for him the Swedes are her and one starts attacking him. Their fight alerts the committee that they have been compromised and they disperse. Due to all the effort Five has been putting out, he drains his powers and is left to fight as a human. 

Diego sees Five, but when he goes to help him is stopped by the two other Swedes. Lila is caught between who to help Five or Diego. She opts to help Five, showing her allegiance still lies with The Handler. Diego is left to fight alone, and he is able to overtake both Swedes. Both him and Five see their Father leaving and rush after him. They catch him just as he’s getting into his car. Five yells at him in ancient greek which pauses him but he gets in the car and leaves anyway. 

This episode really saw each of our heroes being defeated. Luther by life, Allison by society, Klaus by time, Diego by love, and Five by his powers. The show does a great job of flowing the storylines along at a pace that keeps us wanting more. 

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