The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: The Frankel Footage

The second episode of The Umbrella Academy brings about some unexpected familiar faces. 

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Posted On: August 2nd , 2020 11:04 am pst

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*Spoilers for episode 2 ahead*

We open up with a flashback of The Handler being shot at the end of last season. Fast forward, and she is being carted off to be cremated, but surprise she’s not dead! One of the men pokes her and she opens her eyes. She groans, “get me to a hospital”. 

We fast forward further and she is back to work and stands out wearing a red outfit in a sea of blue, The Handler has always wanted to be different and more important than everyone. 

AJ lets her know she is being demoted based on the events of the previous season. She blames Hazel, Cha Cha, and Number 5 for the botched assignment. She bargains to have two more days to make things right, but AJ tells her that it’s too late and lets her know that Herb is her new supervisor and they already have people after Five (The Swedes). 

She is escorted to her new workspace, a desk in the common typing room. She opens a drawer of her desk, screams and throws an object at the front board. We see that it says Mr. 5. 

We’re now with Five and Luther and Five is still trying to convince Luther to help him. We find out Luther is a bodyguard for the gangster that will eventually kill Oswald (Jack Ruby). Luther says that the Umbrella Academy doesn’t need him, and never did. He blames Five for everything and won’t help him save the world. 

Luther heads back to work to remove a drunk man from his boss which happens to be Carl, who drops a wallet in the process. Five rips his jacket and finds a box, he realizes it’s something that Hazel slipped into his pocket before he died. The box says Frankel Footage and is dated November 23rd 1963. 

We get a montage of missing persons in a newspaper, they represent Vanya as a missing person herself, but with no one looking for her. Sissy lets her know she needs to pick up Carl from a bar not an office. Harlan wants his mom to read him a book so Vanya offers to pick up Carl instead. 

Vanya picks Carl up and he notes how Vanya is lucky because she has a blank slate and everyone else is stuck with who they are. Luther sees the wallet and picks it up and heads outside to give it back to Carl. He sees Vanya who looks right through him and then drives off. 

The Swedes pull up outside of Allison’s house, but the police break in first and arrest Raymond. She tries to use her powers on the police but Ryamond stops her. Whether he knows about her powers is unclear.

Five asks Elliot to have the Frankel Footage developed, and then hears the police scanner which alerts him that Diego has escaped the asylum. . 

Diego and Lila are coming up with their plan for Oswald. Diego wants to kidnap him and chop off his trigger finger. Lila wants to kill him and brings up his hero complex, which seems like it will be a common theme this season. Five appears in the backseat and threatens to call the police if Diego doesn’t go with him. Diego agrees but says Lila’s coming too.

Allison is at the police station trying to get information about her husband and asks to speak with him, but to no avail. Klaus is in prison as well and gets recognized by one of his followers. He offers out a TLC song as advice (Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls). Raymond is in the cell next to him and they strike up a conversation. 

Klaus is freed by the Governor and Raymond tells him if he talks to him to let him know black people are being held without charge. Klaus asks if that’s true and the police officer says that he can take up a complaint with the department. The scene is much to real to today’s own issues for comfort. 

Diego, Lila, and Five are back at Elliots and he has a gun drawn on them. He is demanding to know where Five got the Frankel Footage and asks if he’s an enemy of the people. They overtake Elliot and tie him up. They are watching the Frankel Footage which shows the Frankels in Dallas to see the president 6 days in the future. The footage shows Reginald Hargreeves present at the assassination. 

Vanya goes to get Harlan for snack time, but he wants to play Hide and Seek. Sissy offers to go get the food finished up and Vanya can play one game. As she counts Luther pulls up and we get the flashbacks to him imprisoning her. He has a gun sat next to him. Luther walks in to the barn where Vanya is currently looking. When Luther says her name, she gets so excited that he knows who she is, but he doesn’t believe that she doesn’t actually know. She continues trying to explain that she was in an accident and apologizes for if she did something to him, but he says that she shouldn’t be apologizing that he should. He apologizes for letting her down and says he did horrible things instead of helping her. He explains that he thought it was his job to keep everyone safe but just ended up making it worse. He says if she is bullshitting him he doesn’t care and if she is hiding out he understands but he just came to say he’s sorry. When Sissy pulls a gun on him he says he is just there to return Carl’s wallet. Unluckily for Vanya her picture has just been given to the Swedes. She escapes one potential execution with another. 

Diego is spinning out over their father being present at Kennedy’s death and possible assassin. Five defends him saying he wasn’t a saint but not an assassin. They find his address using a telephone directory. They go to leave and Diego realizes he can’t leave Lila behind. He finds her in a closet and she is scared that she should have never left the asylum because she is seeing things again. He tells her that they don’t have to understand things for them to be real.

Allison apologizes to Raymond for him being stuck in jail. She says she walked into a trap and promises to get him out of there. Raymond asks her why she said I heard a rumor twice the previous night, it seems he is not privy to her powers. Luckily she is told she has to leave at that precise moment and tells him they’ll talk about it later. Allison sees Klaus’ follower as he waves at her, the word Hello is on his hand. When she asks him where he got that he raises his other hand which says Goodbye, identical to Klaus. He says all the children of the profit have them and she knows exactly who the prophet is. 

Klaus is back at his former mansion, but instead of taking the key, he breaks in. 

Vanya is trying to figure out how she knows Luther and is wondering why he wanted to apologize. She says she wishes she could remember and Sissy comforts her by saying it will come back but she can’t rush it. Vanya goes to sleep and starts dreaming about playing violin and sees Luther getting his soul ripped out. She awakens frightened and leaves taking Sissys car, who unbeknownst to her sees her leave. 

Five and Diego get to the house, Five is uneasy because it’s been 45 years since he’s seen their father. He says that not a day went by that he didn’t hear his father saying I told you so, everyday when he was stuck in the apocalypse.

Diego notes the decor and Five says that it looks like a front. They split up to look around. Diego hears a door open and follows it, he sees a man walk off into the fog, he follows him. Five searches through rooms with mannequins. He finds a certificate that reads Mr. Hoyt Hillenduetter and the Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas. He also finds Pogo who attacks him and runs off. Diego is still chasing the man but the man has caught on and they fight. Diego realizes it’s his father and is stabbed. He claps his hand and Pogo joins him, they walk off.

This is where the episode ends. We get more questions than answers but the storyline is moving along at a good pace. It’s nice seeing the siblings come together, but infuriating to see them not work together, as the entirety of last season should have taught them that is exactly what they need to do.  

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