The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: The Swedish Job

Things are heating up and being revealed on episode 3 of The Umbrella Academy.

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Posted On:August 3rd, 2020 9:35 pm pst

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*Spoilers for episode 3 ahead*

The Umbrella Academy has always been good with giving each character their due time on screen and this episode we get one of my favorites, Klaus! 

When he first arrives in the past he gets kicked out of a restaurant for smelling and is helped up by a rich older woman who takes him in. He uses Ben to make it seem like he can fly to entertain her guests, which we’re assuming leads to him becoming a prophet. 

We flash forward to him on a hippie bus, then being praised by many, and finally in San Francisco with tons of followers. He is being consumed by them and then escapes while they are distracted. It makes sense that Klaus would start the hippie movement years before it actually came to fruition.

Vanya is driving and is stopped by the Swedes. She senses something is off and sees the two others coming out of the grass. They start shooting at her and she guns it quickly crashing the car. She escapes into the corn stalks, but they chase her. She runs right into one who shoots at her point blank. Instinctually she uses her powers to stop the bullet and throw the man back. This is Vanya’s first experience with her powers that she is aware of, so she is understandably shook. Five is using sound wave radar to track just this. 

Five appears in the cornfield and finds Vanya. He tells her he’s her brother and says to come with him unless she would rather deal with the Swedes. She asks why they’re trying to kill her and he says it’s because she’s in 1963. He notes her powers are still intact and we pan out to see that she cleared a decent radius with her blast. 

Allison upon meeting one of Klaus followers has now arrived at his house and they embrace. Allison asks him to catch her up and while he is she notes he started a cult, which he tries to pass off as an alternative spiritual community. She lets him know she is working as a civil rights organizer and that she’s married, Klaus realizes it’s the man he met in prison. She lets him know that they were organizing a sit in but he got arrested and she can’t get him out. When he asks why she didn’t use her powers to get him out she explains that she hasn’t used her powers since the night Vanya slit her throat. She says she’s happy and proud not using them because she feels she earned everything she has. This is a major stepping stone for Allison, whom in season one was questioning most of her life and how much was real vs. how much was only due to her power of persuasion. It’s great to see her get a do-over in a life she can fully trust.

Since Raymond is locked up the organization wants to postpone the sit in and Allison says they still need to move forward without him. Allison suggests a vote, explaining that they need to show the world what it’s like in the South for them, and convinces enough of the group to win. 

While Allison is working without her powers, Klaus and Ben are doing anything but, using Ben’s ghost abilities to scare a police officer into freeing Raymond, who is then released into Klaus’ company. Klaus says “anything for family”, explaining to him that he’s his brother in law. 

Five is filling in Vanya on who she is and what happened to all of them and why they’re in the 60’s. Vanya lets him know she remembers nothing before dropping in from the portal, and asks what causes the apocalypse in the future. He lies, telling her it’s an asteroid and then lets her know that the apocalypse has followed them into the past, and that in eight days the world will end in a nuclear doomsday.

Vanya calls Sissy, who is dealing with a tantrum from Harlen. She apologizes for taking the car and asks if they’re ok. She lets her know that she found her younger brother and tells her that she will be back soon. Five hangs up the phone call. He tells her that the Swedes are going to be coming after them, and whoever her friends are, they can’t be more important than doomsday. 

Lila has soldered Diego’s stab wound closed and is making efforts to stop him from leaving. We get more information about Lila and her past when she lets Diego know she thought he was dead. We find out her parents were killed in a home invasion when she was four years old. The two start connecting on both a more emotional and physical level eventually having sex. 

Luther has been haunted by Allison over and over and eventually caves in and asks his boss to find her. He does, and gives Luther her address. He drives to her house and as he walks up encounters Raymond who he learns is her husband. Raymond is having difficulties with meeting now two of Allisons brothers. Raymond gets a phone call and has to leave but promises to relay that he needs to talk to her. 

Allison walks into the same “whites only” diner as the first scene we saw her in. Slowly the other members of the group join for the sit in which instantly causes chaos from the white patrons. Raymond enters and you instantly know he is not happy with her. He tells her that he met Klaus and Luther. As she is trying to explain, the man working at the diner drops a cup of hot coffee on her lap. She jumps up and is instantly grabbed by police. As Raymond tries to protect her he is grabbed by police and starts getting beaten. One of the black women grabs the officer holding Allison down forcing him to let her go and she runs after Raymond who is being dragged off. He is being badly beaten and the police officer says she’s next. She is able to get near the police officer and uses her power to get him to walk away. Raymond is completely freaked out and runs off. Klaus runs up and grabs Allison telling her they have to go. 

Klaus was in the area at a hardware shop which we quickly learn is because David works there. Ben is upset with Klaus for dragging him away from San Francisco for this and says he’s just going to confuse David by seeing him. Klaus explains that David signs up for the war the same day Kennedy is shot and that maybe he can convince him not to. 

Luther is back in the boxing ring and Five and Vanya walk in. He gets distracted in his thoughts about what he just learned about Allison and starts getting beaten up. He then stops fighting all together taking the beating. It’s better for him to feel this than think about Allison. Luther’s self destruction this season is great to watch and Tom Hooper gives the perfect balance of making you feel sorry for him, but also find him pathetic. 

We then flash back to Diego and Lila who are together in bed. He is sleeping and she slowly gets up and gets dressed. She goes to a pet shop we saw The Handler at earlier in the episode, she heads to the tank that the handler was looking at and grabs the treasure chest from the tank, it has a key in it. She uses the key to let herself into a hotel room and we learn that The Handler is her mother.

This was a great episode! We get to really get into the meat of these characters and fully see the consequences of their actions play out for better or worse. We also get to connect to all of them on a more emotional level. 

We also finally get the pay off with Lila. The entire time we’ve known her, we felt we couldn’t trust her, and then right when we want to start trusting her she betrays us. This is exceptionally heartbreaking knowing Diego is finally bringing down his walls for her. The show continues to do a great job of slowly giving us clues and bringing us along in the story. 

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