The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Right Back Where We Started

The Umbrella Academy season 2 premiere, lets us see what our heroes have been up to while stuck in the 60’s. 

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Posted On: July 31st, 2020 12:47 pm pst

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*Spoilers for episode 1 ahead*

The first episode of the second season starts up with a quick recap of where we left in season one, but then the siblings are instantly separated as we see Klaus and Ben fall through their portal in 1960, Allison in 1961, Luther in 1962, Diego in September of 1963, Vanya in September of 1963 and Five on November 25th, 1963. They all land in the same spot in Dallas Texas. 

Each encounters something different as they make their way through, from Allison entering a “whites only” diner, to Diego seeing John F. Kennedy on TV, and Vanya being hit by a car. Besides Klaus and Ben we see each sibling getting a picture snapped of them from an anonymous person. 

Five encounters the biggest shock of all though, the soviets are attacking the US and a full out war is happening on the street. He asks the question “what the hell did we do now?” 

We see the rest of the group in the midst of the war. They are helping to fight the soviets. 

Diego asks Five where he’s been and just as he does Hazel shows up and tells Five if he wants to live come with him, and points out a bunch of nukes headed right for them. Fives main thought process is to save his family to which Hazel points out the obvious, that he can’t save them if he’s dead. 

The pair transport back to 10 days earlier. From here were caught up on what’s happened with Hazel since we last saw him. He’s quit The Commission, Agnes has died of cancer after they shared 20 years together and he is only there to help as a promise to her. Their reunion is short lived however as  three white haired men, the Swedes, come off a bus and instantly start shooting. Five survives but Hazel dies. 

During his escape from the white haired men, Five notices someone watching him and heads into the building. We are introduced to Ellott, the man who has been taking photos of all of them, but not for the reason anyone would probably expect, he thinks they are all aliens. Five uses this to his advantage letting Elliott know that the world will end in 10 days if he can’t find his family and stop it. Elliott luckily has a newspaper clipping with Diego’s mugshot on it and we learn he is in an insane asylum. 

Diego in the mental hospital ironically could do him some good as it’s forcing him to talk about his “daddy issues”. As number two he has always felt inferior and sought validation. Diego tries to convince the doctor to let him out of the hospital and we learn that he is in there because he was stalking Lee Harvey Oswald to try and prevent him from shooting John F. Kennedy. 

We are also introduced to a woman, Lila, who has a flirtation with Diego and tries to convince him to let her escape with him. 

Five visits Diego at the hospital and right away finds out that Diego could be the very reason the world is ending. If he saves the president then it could act as a butterfly effect changing the future. After Five clues Diego in on this fact he does agree to help him stop the end of the world but only after he saves Kennedy. Five can’t have that and snitches on him to the guard in an effort to keep him locked up and save the timeline. 

Vanya, we learn, has been staying and nannying for the woman (Sissy) that hit her with her car in the beginning of the episode. We also learn that that boy she is watching is nonverbal. Later in the episode, Sissy reveals that she has a can where she has been putting away money, a clear foreshadowing to something to come. 

Klaus and Ben are traveling back to Dallas from San Francisco, which the two don’t see eye to eye on, as Ben wanted to stay, when their car breaks down. The two get into a fight on the side of the road. They eventually wind up at a bar, after numerous gay jokes, Klaus finds himself in a game of poker trying to win a car to help get them back to Dallas. Ben lies to Klaus about a man’s hand and when Klaus ends up losing and trying to steal the car, Ben does nothing to help. Klaus ends up successful in his endeavor despite Ben’s lack of help. 

Luther’s part in the episode is almost non-existent, we mainly find out he is an amateur boxer.

Allison, however, has been very busy during her time in the past. She is now married to Raymond, and the two are part of a civil rights group. The group is planning a sit-in to raise awareness to their cause when they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Mr. Mason, a white man, is trying to scare them off and insinuates he doesn’t like them gathering. However he doesn’t own their building and when her husband tried to close the door he stuck his foot in the way and accused him of assault. When he tries to punch her husband, Allison attacks him and kicks him out.

Diego awakes in a straight jacket which he quickly escapes from, he is a trained superhero after all. He encounters Lila and the Swedes who start shooting at them. After an intense fight scene, Diego and Lila escape the facility

Since his efforts with Diego got him nowhere, Five now shows up at a strip club where Luther is working as a bodyguard, earlier we see him with the same man working as an amateur boxer. It seems after the events of last season and what he’s been through in the 60’s, that Luther is no longer in a hero mindset. When Five details the end of the world, Luther simply doesn’t give a shit. 

This is where we leave off. All in all a pretty solid first episode, it is mainly used as set up of what’s to come and catch up with our characters since they have been living for various amounts of time off screen. We don’t get a ton of meat during the episode because of this, but the writers still find ways to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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