The Ultimate Country Playlist From Our Quarantine Playlist Series!

Country Music could curb the insanity from being stuck in-doors. Our Country Quarantine Playlist has 10 songs to help you through

Gunner Teixeira

AfterBuzz TV Host & Writer
Posted On: April 29th, 2020 2:20pm pst

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ABTV Country Quarantine Playlist

COVID-19 may have taken our beaches, our sports, and yes even our concerts so it seems like there is absolutely nothing to do and no way to get through the day. Well that changes, now! 

I bring you the “Country Quarantine” playlist that will either get a smile back on your face, put a little boogie in your step and keep you dancing around the room all night long, or suddenly inspire you to pursue a singing career for all your adoring fans right there in your living room! (okay, I mainly just sing to my plants, but they have not complained yet.)

 While there are dozens of songs on this playlist, I had to shout out my top 10 down below. 

1. Downtown’s Dead- Sam Hunt @SamHuntMusic 

Because Downtown should be dead. With a lot of us needing to stay indoors, it may just be easier to say “hmm, downtown is dead anyways. Let’s just stay?” 

This song has a lot more personal depth than simply Hunt wishing he had his main girl out with him at the bars. Instead, this song is about Sam himself, kind of over the “downtown” scene. He explains that everyone eventually gets over the nightlife and feels that, 

“As we grow up, we all go through these things.” 

2. Worth It- Danielle Bradbury @DBradbery

Danielle Bradbury is the season 4 winner of “The Voice”, being apart of Team Kelly (and my favorite team, just FYI) 

“Worth It” is a part of her sophomore album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met which she made sometime after her first EP in order to re-center herself with her music.  Incredibly empowering lyrics in the chorus to let your boo know they’re crazy if they think, “I don’t know it. I ain’t afraid to walk away if you can’t see it, believe it, and give me the love I’m deserving.”

3. High Horse- Kacey Musgrave @KaceyMusgrave

You need a good “cleaning your house” song or something up to get you moving on your feet?  Kacey Musgrave will get you up and rocking around your apartment!

And while you are getting things done around the house, dance alongside Miss Musgrave as she tells off an awful boss in the music video for “High Horse.”

4. You Should be Sad- Halsey @halsey

Who would’ve thought Halsey could also dominate the country charts as well? “You Should Be Sad” is from Halsey’s third album “Manic” for which the album needed a “really good breakup song.” 

Oh man, does this song give you break-up vibes! Obviously this isn’t your typical breakup song, because it isn’t creating a narrative of “I’ll never get over you” but rather “Damn, did I dodge a bullet.” Halsey wanted her beautiful country-pop song to be “heart-wrenching, exhausted, and a little petty… what better genre to turn to than country?” 

5. Picture to Burn- Taylor Swift @Taylorswift13

So, there are strict rules in the world of the country playlist, and you cannot make a country playlist without including some OG Taylor Swift. 

This was one of my favorite songs off her debut album Taylor Swift.  Social distancing is a great time to declutter and cleanse your environment, and that also includes your heart and soul. Picture to Burn can remind you to burn a few pictures and let go of some toxic things in your life. You’ll feel better, and come out of quarantine strong than ever.

6. Man! I Feel Like a Woman!- Shania Twain @ShaniaTwain

She may quite possibly be THE queen of Country, Shania Twain will completely make you forget about these crazy times. 

Is there a chance that this song won’t get you up on your feet and dancing around with a smile on your face? You know, I can’t imagine it, because Shania Twain will always put you in a better mood. I promise. 

While Miss Twain definitely wanted to create a female-empowering anthem, that wasn’t the only inspiration for this song. In fact, she told that it in fact was, “inspired by nights out at gay clubs with her friends during her teen years. And it’s no wonder that today, it’s become as popular with drag queens as it has with audiences of every kind.”

7. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems- Kenney Chesney @kennychesney

So, this may actually be the national anthem of Quarantine, y’all. I’ll be completely honest… I don’t think I changed my clothes last week, and I definitely did not wear shoes. 

But, there are no worries. Because who said quarantine had a dress code? If you wanna rock those sweatpants every day, all day, you go and do that! Just make sure you don’t get caught on your zoom calls in your sweats. We still have work to do. 

8. Footloose Kenny Loggins

After a long day of working from home, we always need a dance break! And the anthem to the classic film of the same name, and its 2011 remake (starring Julianne Hough, Miles Teller, and Kenny Wormald) is the best choice.  Because right now, we all wanna kick-off our Sunday shoes and cut loose. 

9. Lost in the Middle- Catherine McGrath @imcathmcgrath

Who wouldn’t want to, just for a little while, really get lost in our own little country song? Maybe somewhere on a beach, far away and safe from Covid-19?

Want to know a fun fact about our artists Catherine McGrath? She’s Irish! Bet you thought all the great country singers were American? Well, Miss McGrath is totally breaking that glass ceiling. You go girl. 

10. Club- Kelsea Ballerini @KelseaBallerini 

Because sometimes you just need to stay home, like right now. Just stay home, or we may never see the inside of a club again. 

Kelsea did this video very intimately with her girlfriends. Saying the song and music video were, “written with my friends, recorded with my friends, shot with my friends, directed by my friend.” Girl power or what, y’all? 

Wow, just making this list I got the urge to pull on my boots and start dancing! While I could write about every single one of these songs, I had to keep a few gems for you to find on the playlist. 

What did you think of our very first country addition to the Afterbuzz TV quarantine playlist? Strong start? Are we missing some major hits? Tag us on social media and let us know. And if you are grooving to these tunes, share it on social media so we can see your rad dance moves. Yeehaw! 

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