The Truth in (Dating) Advertising

Written by: Adam Carr – January 30th, 2020 8:02pm PT

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Jonathan Kite is a man of many voices, literally over 120.

As he ran through his spot on Vince Vaughn impression (see first five minutes of this interview), I was completely spellbound by a man whose eloquence was easily matched by his psychological understanding of dating.

“We treat dating apps like we treat social media,” Kite explained as he weighed the social ramifications of dating apps and the filtered reality they create.

“Social media is a produced reality,” said Kite. “When you meet on a date, you’re presenting your best self, not necessarily the truth, but your best version…what you think will catch a fish, the best bait you can be.”

Jonathan Kite on Horribly Hollywood Single

Once grazing the small screen as the perfectly smarmy and quick witted Oleg, Kite assured me that being on the CBS payroll didn’t make one immune to bad dates.

“The bad dates I have gone on have always been from a dating app,” said Kite.

Given his desire for genuine connection, it makes sense that Kite would go back to his hometown of Skokie, Illinois to connect to his roots and perform his first stand up special at High School Alma Mater, Niles North.

Noticing our black and yellow microphone and AfterBuzz TV logo, Kite was suddenly struck with inspiration for Bumble.

“This is a missed opportunity. We’re leaving money on the table,” joked Kite. “Bumble needs to come out with bee condoms where they say ‘Cover your prick.’”

Kite was certain, that if given the chance, it could really go. Even though his ventures into the world of online dating have been sub par, he did have this to say about his Bumble experience.

“I like Bumble, by the way,” said Kite, “I would say, that’s my favorite of the dating apps.”

Ladies, if you’re looking to catch Jonathan on an app, take note! And if not, we wish you luck in finding Mr. Right!

Kite stays busy doing stand up all over LA and the country. For impressions and hysterical insight into everything pop culture and beyond check him out on Twitter and IG @JonathanKite and of course his podcast “Kites of The Round Table” on apple podcasts.

About The Author:

Adam Carr is a graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television for Acting. He moonlights as a hand model and lives in Playa Vista with his fiancé Amy, and rescue cat Gus Crookshanks.

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