The Science behind SpaceStation Gaming’s ESL PUBG Mobile Win

Written by: Sean Overman – November 18th, 2019 8:52pm PT

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Space Station Gaming (SSG) triumphed in the ESL PUBG Mobile Open. How did they do it? The SCIENCE behind their strategy here from AfterBuzzTV Gaming’s esports trending. 

This weekend in the ESL PUBG Mobile Open, Space Station Gaming snatched the trophy right from the beginning. In the first two matches of the five match series, they secured themselves a gigantic lead by getting two, that’s right, two chicken dinners. After that, Omen Elite, hot on their heels, stole away both Games Three and Four. Yet, in the end, SSG dominated in Game Five giving them a total of three chicken dinners of five games. What was their secret strategy? 

Two elements were part of their win: Space Station Gaming positioned themselves perfectly. In nearly every game, they dropped near the middle of the map. Every game was on Sanhok, so they landed at Boot Camp during the first two games. Later they tweaked positions and parachuted into Pai Nan, and spread into east of Camp Alpha. In the games they won, every time they caught the circle, it favored their rotations. Without the favorable circles, the next part of their strategy would’ve faltered. 

The second part of their strategy was SSG’s Beach Banana. Over and over again he was the standout player among his teammates, surviving during the most crucial moments. In Game Four, Beach was the last man on SSG left. He stayed inside the blue zone healing himself up, away from the other teams who were in a shootout. When he died, it gave a higher points jump from sixth to fourth placement. 

In the fifth and final game, SSG Beach Banana came out on top once again. In a Mexican standoff with two members of Tempo Storm (TS) and Team Totality’s HH24, Beach gunned down TS Chica as HH24 jumped to his death, killing TS Niko in mid air. Clearly luck and strategy was key for Beach Banana, and Space Station Gaming, to be crowned winner winner in The ESL PUBG Mobile Open Season Three. 

Who do you think will be the next big dog in the ESL PUBG MOBILE OPEN in 2020?

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Sean Overman is a professional esports talent, commentator and writer. He previously worked as on-air talent at AfterBuzz TV in Hollywood, CA. He travels the world for esports and gaming events, is a Twitch Partner and ASMRtist.

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