The Sandlot Star Talks New YouTube Channel Named After His Iconic Line

AfterBuzz TV’s Quarantine with the Stars The Sandlot’s Patrick Renna talks about his new YouTube channel You’re Killing Me, new baby, quarantine projects, and TikTok!

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Posted On: May 29th, 2020 7:45 pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine With The Stars: Patrick Renna

Having nostalgia for The Sandlot and the real-life cast as much as we are? Well, you’re in luck! Renna’s new YouTube channel, which premiered last month, not only brings you what he calls Secrets of the Sandlot episodes, but also everyday looks into his life! It’s named after his iconic line: “You’re killing me, Smalls!” 

“I was gonna start the channel before all this madness happened and uh so I have a few interviews that I did with some friends and celebrities (that was done pre-quarantine)…Then when the quarantine happened, we were just sorta like ‘Let’s do it. Let’s roll with it anyway and I’ll just film myself at home.’” 

Besides interviews, some of the things Renna has posted during quarantine are videos of home renovation projects, obstacle courses for his three-year-old son and even a push-up challenge with fellow The Sandlot cast members. I’m in the Marines, so I invited Renna and his cast mates to come workout with other Marines and myself! To which Renna replied, “I actually like this idea…Ham Porter (his character on The Sandlot) going through a real bootcamp…I’m 100% in!” I’m going to hold you to that, Patrick!

While reminiscing about filming The Sandlot, Renna stated he did his own stunt during the treehouse explosion scene. “I remember it being umm very very cool and very intense and much like you know a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible, jumping out of a plane type of a thing. And I’ve seen behind-the-scenes since and the fall is uhh maybe about three feet so it wasn’t that big of a stunt but in my mind I was doing some hard-core plane stuff.” 

James Earl Jones also acted in this movie. Knowing he (Jones) was the voice of Star Wars’ Darth Vader, Renna said, “Marty York (character ‘Yeah-Yeah’) went up to him…and said ‘I hear you’re Darth Vader.’ And James Earl Jones looked at him and said, ‘No, I am your father!’” So it appears that not only was Darth Vader ‘in a galaxy far, far away,’ but he was also at the Sandlot! 

A few cast reunions have happened over the years, but are there more in our future? “It sounds like something we’ll be doing every five years…as long as people want it to happen.” YES! We want that to happen! We’d be all for a tv show and are crossing our fingers that it happens in the near future! “I always said doing a tv show would be great because I don’t think that it would be having to follow-up the movie…like doing a sequel, it’s too much pressure cuz you don’t want to mess it up, but a tv show is great cuz it’s just different…I think we would just come back as what he (director) said (referring to what the casts’ characters went on to do at the end of the movie)…I heard whispers that I (his character Ham Porter) maybe had a daughter…I teach her how to wrestle (since his character went on to become a wrestler). I think that’s a great storyline!” 

I then asked him whether he’d do a TikTok with his former castmates, to which he replied, “I might have to do some re-enactments with the guys for sure.” 

Renna stated his new son, Liam, is due on Sunday! We can’t wait to see pictures of the new addition to their family, and we wish them the best during delivery. Commenting on his wife’s epic shirt, Renna stated, “I saw those so I just had to order one cuz I thought they were so funny.” We couldn’t agree more, that T-shirt makes a great gift.

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