The Red Line’s Sebastian Sozzi Accidentally Pulled Someone Over While Filming

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While filming for CBS’ The Red Line, things got a little too real for costar Sebastian Sozzi.

The show, which films in Chicago, details how three very different families react to the shooting of an unarmed African American man by a white police officer.

Sozzi was guesting on AfterBuzz TV’s aftershow for The Red Line and shared during the filming of one police segment, Sozzi actually said citizens thought he was a real police officer.

“I actually pulled somebody over in Chicago, by accident,” revealed Sozzi. “Do you remember the scene where I, I kind of have the tape in the car and I’m thinking and I pull off to the side. So I had to do that a bunch of times. I had to put on the siren and uh, one take I just speed off and they’re like, ‘alright, cut. Come back around.’ And I try to turn, this car pulls over in front of me. I’m like, what is this dude doing? Like what is, why is he stopping? And the PA in the back’s like, ‘bro I think he, you’re pulling him over.'”

Sozzi knew portraying a real life police officer isn’t legal, so he didn’t follow through with the stop. However, he did have a little fun with the person.

“I rolled down the window and I looked at him and he looked so scared, “said Sozzi. “I said, ‘hey brother, next time you drive safe. It’s your lucky day.’ And I kept it moving. It was pretty funny, it was pretty funny.”

The Red Line is available on CBS All Access.

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.