The QUEEN is back with a New Talk Show!

 On the heels of the announcement of 20 year old O Magazine’s transition to fully online, some thought that she was slowing down, but she is Returning to TV with a new talk show for Apple+ that promises to educate and inspire all. 

Kay Montgomery

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Posted On: July 31st 2020 1:10 pm pst

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We are overjoyed at the Queen’s return! Her eponymous show ran for 25 seasons, when she ended the show in 2011. The cultural impact of her show was widespread influencing everything from heightening awareness of child abuse in increasing Book Clubs and reading. At one point she was winning so many Emmys that she eventually took her name out of the running to give others a chance to compete.

But now, after nearly a decade off, she will return Thursday with a new Talk Show on Apple+ called, The Oprah Conversations. At least initially, the show will seem to focus on race. In the inaugural episode, Winfrey will be interviewing New York Times Bestselling author of the hit book, How To Be Anti Racist, Ibram X. Kendi.

Other notable guests joining her will be Emmanuel Acho who is a former professional football player and current sports anchor. Acho has recently garnered wide attention with his series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” in which he welcomes white people, some friends and some celebrities, to talk to him about race without judgment.

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I wanted to write a book that challenged people and writing the book was unlike any challenge of my lifetime. I wanted to write a book that encouraged people to join the antiracist journey of transformation. Little did I know I’d be transformed in the process. I feared writing #HowToBeAnAntiracist because the complex truth has historically been weaponized into simple lies to combat racial reality. But now I fear what happens if we don’t clarify the complicated truth. I fear what happens if we don’t resist. History is calling us all. Thank you to everyone who is using #HowToBeAnAntiracist as one of your guides as you answer the call of history to radically transform yourself as we radically transform our society. This is the new cover of #HowToBeAnAntiracist.

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His interview with Matthew McConhaghey received over 4 million views. He sees teaching white people about race to be a calling and seeks to make the world a better place through educating the ignorant. 

We are sure that Oprah will not disappoint. We are excited to be educated and uplifted. If you love Oprah Winfrey, share this article with a friend. Tune in daily to AfterBuzz TV articles and after shows for the latest news and info.


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