The Phantom Apprentice- S7 E10 ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ After Show & Recap

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The Star Wars Clone Wars After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Disney+’s Star Wars Clone Wars.

Episode Recap

This week, the siege on Mandalore continues! Obi-Wan reaches out to Ahsoka and tells her that Anakin has just killed Count Dooku. He seems skeptical of the council’s decision to have Anakin spy on Palpatine. Meanwhile, Maul has had visions of Skywalker’s future, and descent to the darkness, and he pries Jessi’s mind for information.
Ahsoka Tano confronts Darth Maul, and the two show down in an epic battle on Mandalore. Maul asks for Ahsoka’s help to defeat Sidious, and Ahsoka agrees to join him. Until she asks about Anakin, and Maul tells her the goal is to destroy Anakin before he becomes Sidious’s apprentice. Ahsoka doesn’t believe Maul, and the two fight until Maul is captured on Mandalore.
With two more episodes left, we’re all wondering when Order 66 will be implemented, and what this means for Ahsoka’s immediate future! TO BE CONTINUED
Hosts: Ryan Nilsen, Rachel Goodman, & Frankie Alteri

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