The Parent Trap’s Lisa Ann Walter on Possible Reunion Show

Quarantine with the Stars: Lisa Ann Walter of Disney’s The Parent Trap talks possible reunion with cast (maybe with Lindsay Lohan?), how she stays busy in quarantine, putting out a surprise TikTok based on throwback movie, and her start in comedy! 

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Posted On: May 15th, 2020 10:41 pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine With The Stars : Lisa Ann Walter

If you’re a fan of Disney movies in general or just the 1998 classic The Parent Trap, you’ll surely recognize Lisa Walter, who played the  loveable housekeeper and nanny, Chessy.  Our Quarantine with the Stars series caught up with Lisa to update us on what she’s been up to and her thoughts on one of our favorite movies.

Walter let us in on the possibility of a reunion show, “Nancy Meyers (director of the film) just recently was like, ‘You think you’d want to do a reunion’ and I was, like, yeahhhh!…(it’s been) 20 years, people are on lockdown, they need to feel safe and warm and loved. We absolutely should get together and just reminisce and take questions…I think we were set to do something recently and then it got shifted so it may still be in the works.” 

When asked if she would do a sequel to The Parent Trap, Walter stated, “I betcha we would. I don’t know about Lindsay (Lohan). She’s the only one that has got like a whole other career…I’m not sure if she’s down for it…if they wrote an interesting part for her, she might do it.” 

On her character getting engaged at the end of the film, Walter stated “That was a surprise to me. I didn’t know they were going to have us (her and Martin, played by Simon Kunz) get engaged…I had no idea!” 

Speaking of her character’s future life with Martin, “I think they absolutely got married…but now they’re having marital troubles…all over a misunderstanding…maybe there needs to be some intervention to get them back together and that’s my pitch” (for a possible sequel film). 

On the late Natasha Richardson, who played the mother in the film, Walter stated, “She was always up for a chat. She always was very personable…I had never been to London before that (referencing when they did press), and she was very very sweet and a wonderful hostess.”

Picture courtesy of Lisa’s Facebook

Despite the fact that Walter’s character and Meredith Blake, played by Elaine Hendrix, were on opposite sides in the film, in real life they’re best friends, which stemmed from spending so much time on set during filming! Who would’ve ever seen that coming?! 

“We just hit it off and then we just started doing other things together like charity events…we’re enough opposite so that it works….she’s just a sweet, sweet person as opposed to the person that you see in the movie.”

picture courtesy of Lisa’s Instagram with best friend Elaine Hendrix before quarantine 

On how she’s dealing with quarantine, Walter’s been busy in the kitchen and also trying to help others during the current pandemic. 

“I, very much like the character, Chessy, I love to cook.” Walter told us Chessy, would be doing the same thing in quarantine: cooking but also “cleaning the house!’

“We (Walter and BFF Hendrix) have done some fun stuff in the course of this, you know, weird world situation that we’re all in just to try keep spirits up and to entertain. I made some videos like how to make masks and how to make homemade sanitizer…I did a song parody called “My Quarantine Things” and she was in it. She did a little guest pop in it and she does dance videos every morning…so we’re doing fun stuff.” 

Since being quarantined, 2020 has many people doing and watching TikTok videos, including Walter. Although she admits, “I’ve not done anything even remotely fantastic…I gotta up my TikTok game.” 

I brought up the idea that Walter should do a TikTok using her voice from her character in The Parent Trap while doing something at her house! Walter agreed to do it, saying,  “That’s a brilliant idea! It’s happening! I’m not going to tell you what though. It’s going to be a surprise.” So stay tuned for her Chessy character TikTok! You heard it here first!

Her start in comedy began because “I was the fat kid when I was little, so I always felt like if I could make the joke first, other people don’t get to make the joke…I always thought I would just be funny and and that way people would like me and then I figured out if I made my mother laugh, like, even if it was dirty, I could get away with anything…I figured this was a good way to win people…the first time I got on stage and did a funny role , like, the comedic role… I just made people laugh. And I said ‘I always wanna feel like this. I always wanna feel like I’m making them laugh, I’m making them cry, I’m making them feel something.’”

Speaking about one of her beginning stand-up acts, Walter stated, “My girlfriend said to me, ‘If I’m doing this, you should be doing this. You’re better at this than anybody I know.’ And I just started doing it and within six months, I was featured on It’s Showtime at the Apollo.” She’s come a long way and we’re proud of you, Lisa! What a great career so far! 

Let’s keep hoping for a Parent Trap reunion.  AfterBuzz TV will keep you posted on any late breaking developments.

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