The NBA Launches Their #WholeNewGame Setup Series: Sports

 The NBA restarts their season with a #WholeNewGame Setup with new technology, safety precautions, no crowd, and a new initiative.

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Posted On: August 6th , 2020 11:33 pm pst

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Since the lockdown, nothing has been certain and all of us have had to reimagine life as we know it. With officials encouraging people to avoid large crowds, one question that was swirling around was “what’s going to happen with sports?” After brainstorming the safest outcome, several sports leagues are returning to our screens. The NBA recently started their season after negotiating a deal with Disney World. In terms of the game itself, the rules haven’t changed. Two teams will play, one will win, and we’ll do it all over again but there are elements that will make this season one to remember. 

Quarter 1: No Crowd

One of the biggest changes to the season was moving forward without a crowd. While a lot of us enjoy the sport itself, the crowd interactions, passionate yelling, and overall atmosphere, create a unique sports experience. The joy you feel while you’re sitting on the end of your seat with your favorite snack in hand yelling for or against a team, brings unmatched adrenaline over your body. While the fans enjoy this experience, it benefited players as well by allowing them to feed off of the energy. The crowd-less set up is actually more familiar to the basketball world than a lot of people may realize. In fact, it mirrors NCAA and AAU conference tournaments where the audiences consist of scouts, parents, and players who have the day off. It takes some getting used to, but the game is just as enjoyable. 

Quarter 2: Bigger Message

We’ve seen athletes emphasizing political messages on their own platforms and oftentimes they are told to “shut up and dribble.” Due to the racial climate of the country, the NBA used its voice and influence to spark a conversation bigger than fouls and timeouts. Before the game started in the season opener, fans watched players take a knee with the court reading BLACK LIVES MATTER. In addition to the nice imagery, the association announced their $300 million pledge to their new foundation focusing on “three critical employment transition points: obtaining a first job, securing employment following high school or college, and career advancement once employed,” according to their press release. Each team will dedicate $1 million a year for the next ten years to reach their goal. While this season has brought on many changes, this might arguably be the biggest one. 

Quarter 3: The Power of Technology 

Without fans crowding the arena, the NBA has found creative ways to enhance the games. To simulate the experience, video boards with virtual seats have been filled with celebrities and everyday people who love the sport. Lil Wayne joined in on the Lakers and OKC to show his support from a safe distance. It’s not the same as them being there but it has to be a little better than looking over and seeing hundreds of empty seats. Players’ audio has also been increased to allow viewers to hear more game play and referee calls. We look forward to seeing what other elements the association brings to this new version of the game.

Final Quarter: Safety

Although most fans show up for the game and little else, some are wondering how precautionary the NBA is being during these times. As the team quarantines in “the bubble,” no one is allowed in or out of it until further notice. Players are tested every day and monitored for symptoms related to the virus. The goal is to control the environment as much as possible while participating in a sport they are passionate about. Individuals arrived at the bubble starting July 7th and have arranged workouts around safety guidelines. 

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