The Legendary Alicia Keys Verzuz John Legend Battle Celebrated Juneteenth Like Never Before

Alicia Keys and John Legend are the King and Queen of R&B and prove it in their Verzuz battle on the weekend of Juneteenth

Eboné Chatman

AfterBuzz TV Host & Writer
Posted On: June 23rd, 2020 8:31pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine Music Discovery

Music is the universal language. It can change your mood or express exactly how you’re feeling. Music may be the emotional antidote for what we are dealing with now. AfterBuzz TV empathizes and will continue to seek and ‘discover’ new artists to help, and some artists we already love just nourishing us with fresh new sounds.

Welcome back to another week of Quarantine Music Discovery, and this week we are highlighting the true legendary King and Queen of R&B, Alicia Keys Verzuz John Legend. Everyone is fighting for that top spot, the King and Queen of R&B, but until you can go hit for hit with a legend, there is not further discussion! 

Since Quarantine started everyone has had to get creative with the way they produce content. The online concert series started with DJ D-Nice doing a live DJ set on instagram, and that blew up. Timbaland and Swiss Beatz also jumped at the opportunity to become the center of online concerts. 

The Verzuz series has been the way we can all connect with our favorite celebrities, as everyone around the world is watching the same concert at the same time. This past weekend on Juneteenth, the Verzuz team gave us all a special treat to really celebrate the holiday like never before. We got two legends – Alicia Keys and John Legend, over 160,000 views on instagram live and over 590,000 views on Apple TV. 

Alicia Keys came out of the gate with all her hits! They either took you back to a time of your childhood, or that time when you broke up with your man and needed the playlist to get you through. Alicia’s soft sultry voice, combined with her lyricism,  creates music that lives on for generations, as her lyrics are universal and something every woman can relate to. Her songs are classics, and when you haven’t heard them in a while it makes you want to go back and listen to all her old albums on repeat. 

Now, Alicia came with the hits, but so did John Legend. John played songs that he was featured on in the very beginning of his career, as well as some more recent hits. He had songs with Common, Slum Village and Kayne West, which was a big list for an artist who was just starting out in the music industry. Speaking of Kayne West, he had a large hand in John’s early music career as a producer on the team. Who knew?!

The unique twist on the Verzuz battles are the extra stories and antidotes you get when watching two artists who have been in the game for so long. We get to see another layer of their music career from their point of view. Whether that’s who they have worked with in the past or how a song came to life, who helped produce it or who was supposed to be featured on the song. 

Both artists put their best foot forward with their hits, but I have to give my biased opinion and say Alicia Keys won! Do you agree? Or did John Legend take the win? 

A short playlist of the King and Queen of R&B can be found on Spotify HERE. Did we miss any of your favorite songs from Alicia Keys or John Legend? What other collaborations have they done that you’ve enjoyed? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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