‘The Last Dance’ Episode Three and Four Celebrity and NBA Twitter Reactions

NBA Twitter surging after ‘The Last Dance’ episodes three and four, Rodman rants following his 48-hour Vegas road trip , to a Carmen Electra Cameo and a trash talking Michael Jordan

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Posted On: April 27th, 2020 12:48pm pst

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NBA Twitter Surging After The Last Dance Episodes Three and Four, From the 48-hour Las Vegas Trip by Dennis Rodman, to a Carmen Electra Cameo and a Trash Talking Michael Jordan Part 2 Didn’t Disappoint 

Well over six million people tuned in to watch Episodes one and two of the last dance, according to ESPN. And on Sunday night, episodes three and four brought back viewers to dive deeper into the The Last Dance for Michael Jordan and Co. 

Part 1 created colossal waves on social media, and Part 2 held up the hype. Reaction from the docu-series has surged over Twitter like a tidal wave coming ashore, especially in regards to episodes three and four that focused on Bulls player Dennis Rodman, head coach Phil Jackson and the Chicago team having to face off with the Detroit “Bad Boys” Pistons. 

Here are the best Twitter reactions to Part 2 of the five part series which include NBA players, celebrities and more.  

On Sunday, April 26, the world was re-introduced to Dennis Rodman. Well, on a different level than just as a basketball star. While he is arguably the best rebounding forward in NBA history, “The Last Dance” showed the “bad boy” side of Rodman. 

He repeatedly dyed his hair with the wildest designs, was briefly married to actress Carmen Electra – I’ll get to that in a second – , but the way he played the game shocked the Twittersphere on Sunday night. 

Cleveland Cavaliers center Kevin Love acknowledged that when Rodman was locked in during a game, it was a “scary sight.”

This episode really showed proof of the saying “if you love something, set it free, if it comes back it’s meant to be.” Well, maybe not entirely, but pretty damn close when it comes to Rodman and the Bulls. 

This man really went to Las Vegas for 48 hours in the middle of the NBA season, and Michael Jordan had to retrieve his teammate – who was also in bed with superstar Carmen Electra. I mean, can you even process that? Well, Twitter had a hard time dealing with it as well for two reasons. 

Reason 1: the whole leaving your team to go on a bender in Vegas IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON.

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell tweeted jokingly that Rodman was the creator of “load management”. 

Meanwhile, former NBA player Festus Ezeli and Lakers fan-favorite Alex Caruso were completely shocked that this could even happen. 

However, I really think NFL’s Houston Texans’ stud, JJ Watt, said it best. 

Now for reason two – Carmen Electra hasn’t skipped a beat in all these years. The superstar not only was married to Rodman for a brief time, but she also provided the cameo that we didn’t know we needed on Sunday night. 

Former NBA All-Star Caron Butler was reminded why he always had Electra at his events. 

While the rest of Twitter sang the same tune, several popular sports TV personalities chimed in. 

After everyone was able to move past those to headlines, the series focused on the relationship between Rodman and head coach Phil Jackson. It was a very polarized (opposites attract), built-for-a-movie kind of relationship. Jackson truly tamed Rodman and made things possible for him to co-exist on the Bulls team, striving for championship number 6. 

CJ McCollum, the Portland Trail Blazers’ shooting guard, claimed that every team has a Dennis Rodman, except a couple pretty big caveats. 

Current NFL Network analyst and former NFL wide receiver, Emmanuel Acho, praised Jackson for being the “real MVP”, as well as, offered up a piece of advice to coaches. 

Actress Gabrielle Union tweeted she loved how Jackson didn’t try to crush Rodman’s spirit which is a direct testament to what Acho was saying above. 

And lastly, Twitter reacted very strongly to the way the game of basketball was played in the 1980s and 90s. 

The episode focused on Michael Jordan’s disgust for the Detroit “Bad Boys” Pistons and no matter how hard this Bulls team tried, this was a foe they couldn’t break. Specifically, episode three broke down “The Jordan Rules” which was put into place because of the physical nature of the Pistons. 

The game was truly changed forever because no one could, quite frankly, be manhandled on the court anymore. The Piston’s view on Michael Jordan was if he was going to score, he was going to pay for it or they would die trying. 

As I mentioned, the younger generation are really shook by this documentary. This includes 19-year-old NBL star, RJ Hampton who tweeted, “Dudes for real just fighting not hooping.” 

Quentin Richardson justified that this type of play was considered normal in this era. 

And Atlanta Hawks star, Trae Young, wasn’t as impressed with the physical aspect of the game, but rather MJ’s trash talk abilities. 

All in all, this was another productive and entertaining night for everyone who enjoyed the likes of The Last Dance. However, the biggest takeaway that you’ll need to know from episodes three and four is that Michael Jordan has successful become another, yes another, meme according to Dwayne Wade. 

I’d highly recommend catching up on episodes one through four ASAP on Netflix or Hulu then checking out the AfterBuzz TV Aftershow live on YouTube every Monday night at 7pm PT. On Monday, April 27, the show will guest Lakers’ rising star Alex Carsuo. 

Episodes five and six will air on May 3 at 9pm ET. 

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