The Good Cop S:1 Season 1 Part 1 Discussion

We break down this light-hearted procedural crime dramedy and take a look at some of Big Tony’s best moments, Tony Jr.’s anal tendencies and how badass Cora is. Hosting tonight is Yasmine Tanres, Kevin Ellis, and Angele Taylor! 

Being the good cop’s hard. And Big Tony knows it. He may be lovable but maybe he’s not exactly honorable. What’s going to happen when him and his straight-laced son team up to take down the baddies? We’re breaking it all down as we watch The Good Cop and talk about it! Tune into THE GOOD COP AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW for weekly episode coverage, character breakdowns, guest interviews, and more! Subscribe, rate, and comment to stay up to date on everything The Good Cop!

Big Tony is a lovable, but not exactly honorable, former NYPD officer who never followed the rules. He lives with his son, TJ, a straight-laced NYPD detective who always follows the rules while solving Brooklyn’s toughest cases. They may be an odd couple but they become unofficial partners with Tony Sr. offering his overly cautious son blunt, street-wise advice. Emmy nominee Tony Danza stars as the elder officer in his first starring role on a sitcom since the late 1990s, and Grammy nominated-singer Josh Groban portrays Tony Jr. in his first regular sitcom role.