Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker’s Netflix Sensation Black Mirror Is Worth a Deeper Look, Features Stars Like Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie, Jon Hamm, Laetitia Wright, Daniel Kaluuya, and more

Written by: Jason Lucia – April 20th, 2020 12:51pm pst


Credit: Netflix

Science fiction has always been a popular genre, and quantum leaps in special effects technology have made the science fiction action spectacle (and its super hero offshoots) the perfect blockbuster formula.  Afterbuzz loves Pop Sci-Fi Black, too, but there’s a different kind of science fiction that’s just as rich and full of wild weirdness, though it often might invite us into worlds that look deceptively like the world we live in.  

Because films and shows with this slant on sci fi tend to be more subtle and psychological, they sometimes fly under the pop culture radar and Afterbuzz hates the idea of you superfans missing out on a mind-bending science fiction experience, so we submit, for your approval…AfterBuzz TV Scifi Hidden Gems.  

In this installment, we invite you to gaze again (just once more, with feeling) into the more and more familiar fractured futures of BLACK MIRROR.

Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror (the already famous tech terror anthology series created by British TV auteurs Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones) might seem like the LAST thing you’d wanna watch in our cloistered hive of mediated techno-bubbles, with malevolent viral lifeforms raging through the very air we breathe, but the darkly comic prophecies the show traffics in (extrapolating worst case scenarios from the screen-sick world outside your window) seem like probable outcomes and common knowledge these days. 

When the newsfeed seems to be spilling over with authority figures losing their minds in spasms of uselessness, there’s something invigorating about watching rational people solve problems in the context of an ongoing dystopia instead of fighting improbably against it. 

That weird unknown future we’ve been dreaming about for so long is here, with no return to normal on the menu. Black Mirror speculates on the shape and psychological texture of the new normal, on the kind of people we will become when all these unfortunate science fiction miracles are part of the new routine.

Credit: Netflix

We’re all comforted by different things of course.  Some of us might rightfully flee the strife entirely and embrace the pure, uplifting escapism of Hallmark Christmas fare or light romantic comedies.  More hardcore souls might double down on the darkness and catch up with the latest crime and horror shows. Black Mirror,might wildly veer between those extremes, from episode to episode or from scene to scene, but each episode has things to teach us about living in and through these strange days.  

We get to see some familiar faces in the strangest situations, with shocking performances by stars like Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie, Jon Hamm, Laetitia Wright, Daniel Kaluuya, and other fine actors at the top of their game.  Shifting shapes and psychologies, fighting tyranny or imposing it, looking for love in a jungle of screens, making pacts with strange forces, losing their grasp of the silver threads that hold the labyrinths in their heads together.  

Amidst the constant novelty of Black Mirror’s anthology format, certain quarantine-friendly psychological science fiction themes do surface, and each episode presents a world we can get lost in, a world that might break your heart or tingle your spine, but ultimately it will change the way you see by seducing you with beauty and blowing your mind.  

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