The CW’s Supernatural Stars Talk W/ Cory Booker About The Show

The CW’s Supernatural cast sits down with US senator Cory Booker and a local Texas politician about the state of affairs, and what’s happening with the final season of the show. 

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Posted On: August 16th, 2020 9:41 pm pst

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While things are still seeming weird these days with a global pandemic happening and most of us on lockdown we can all say a big “thank you” to zoom for allowing us to interact and communicate with each other even from afar. 

We can also say “thank you Zoom” for letting us have the CW‘s supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Jared Padalecki sit down and talk about all things Supernatural and current politics with US Senator Cory Booker and MJ Hager who is running for Senate in Texas.

With Jensen and Jared locked away in Vancouver for a 14-day quarantine so they can continue filming the last two episodes of Supernatural (don’t start crying) they decided they would chat with Misha plus, talk politics with Cory and MJ Hegar and let the two politicians nerd-out over Supernatural.

Booker and Hegar are huge fans of the show. Hagar actually met Padalecki and Ackles during campaigning.

Right away Booker wanted to let Ackles know that he was sad about the taping for the last two episodes and just as upset about the finale (like the rest of us are). 

“What do you mean, ‘with everything going on?” Booker asks Ackles. “When you say with everything going on, “meaning that it’s the last of season 15 and a lot of us are pissed off?”

Booker has already watched the series twice all the way through, starting back during his presidential run. 

Ackles let Booker know, while he is sad for the conclusion, these last two episodes will be fantastic endings to the series. Ackles described what these last two episodes mean to him. 

“I like to say… episode 19 feels kind of like the season finale for 15. And episode 20 feels like the series finale.” 

Ackles even mentioned that the script has changed due to the delay of shooting.

“I will say, and I don’t think this is any secret… but there have been some adjustments made from the scripts that we were going to shoot in March.”

Still, on the topic of our favorite pair of Hunters, Booker comments how jealous he is of Dean Winchester’s eating habits. But, Ackles had to break some bad news to him. It turns out Jared eats more like Dean than Jensen does.

“Well, here’s a fun fact for yeah; so I eat more like Sam does in real life and Jared eats more like Dean does in real life.”

Which Jared can attest to, especially when it comes to steak. 

“I eat a lot. People will laugh… I went to a steakhouse in Vancouver here one time, and I got a steak and a salad and I finished and they go ‘would you like dessert?’ and I go ‘sure, can I have a steak first?”

Once the gang starts talking a little bit more about current events and how the polls are looking especially, trying to campaign during a pandemic, Booker shares his excitement for this year.

He doesn’t even care what side of the aisle those people who are going to vote are voting for, he is simply so excited for how many voters are predicted to participate this year.

“One thing I have to say, which I love, I don’t care what side of the aisle you’re on, the energy around this election I think we might break records for turnouts in America.”

Booker continues on the importance of voting, and how our enemies use the fear around the government and division amongst the people to turn voters away.

“Our enemies, people trying to undermine our democracy, one of the things that try to do is make us hate each other…house divide theory… another thing they do they try to make us lose faith in our institutions and become more cynical of our government about the press and the media.”

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If you want to see the full video of some of our favorite hunters, politicians, and angel talk shop and current elections click the link down below. 

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