The Challenge’s Zach and Derrick Form RIVALRY in Twitter War

Written by: Benny Adams – December 9th, 2019 9:41 pm PT

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It seems like there’s some social media beef between The Challenge’s Zack Nichols and Derrick Kosinski.

It all started after last week’s episode of MTV’s hit show aired. We saw Team USA struggling during the final. Kosinski was definitely watching because he had his own opinion on the situation.

He tweeted, “When the guy that looks like a Hulk says he’s gonna take a quick break (4 mile) and put the weight of a million dollars on Ninja and Cara’s shoulders…wonder how much that’s gonna hurt.”

Enter Zach who tweets, “sick attempt at getting recasted stick to your lame workout vids and rambling on your podcast.”

The feud didn’t stop there, the two went back and forth throwing insult after insult.

It didn’t end until Monday morning when Zach tweeted. “You fired the first shot buddy, so why don’t you give it a rest, even keyboard warriors should take a break for the holidays.”

We can’t even pick a side when it comes to these two, because we honestly like them both.

All we can say is how sick would it be if Zach and Derrick were paired on a future season of The Challenge. They would honestly be unstoppable.

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