The Challenge’s season 35 trailer MIA, Johnny Bananas Weighs In

Written by: Benny Adams – February 25th 2020, 2:30 am pst

We’re already at the end of February and we still don’t have a trailer for season 35 of The Challenge.

credit: Instagram/ Johnny Bananas

It’s been so long that even Johnny Bananas wants to know when this trailer is going to drop, so he decided to ask the executive producer of the challenge himself.

“This is Scott Freeman, executive producer of The Challenge at Bunim Murray, Scott the fans want to know when the trailer is going to drop?” Said Bananas

credit: Instagram/Johnny Bananas

Unfortunately Freeman didn’t buy into Johnny Bananas charm and remained tight lipped,.

So far the only news fans have received when it comes to next season is who will not be participating.

credit: MTV

Not too long ago both Cara Maria and Paulie announced they would not be joining the unannounced cast next season.

Just Last week Stephen Bear shared an insta-story where he teased he was leaving in 10 weeks and “going for the win.”, but couldn’t reveal too much, because he’s embargoed.

Many speculated that he was talking about season 36 of The Challenge, since 35 has already wrapped, but the news was never confirmed by Bear himself.

Whenever the trailer does drop, AfterBuzz TV will be here to break the news to you.

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