The Challenge’s Marlon Williams On Dee Nguyen’s Firing, It Was Just Bad Timing

MTV’s The Challenge and Ex On The Beach: Peak Of Love’s Marlon Williams is opening up about the Black Lives Matter movement, Dee Nguyen, Jordan Wisely, Taylor Selfridge and Johnny Bananas

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Posted On: June 14th, 2020 12:41 pm pst

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Marlon Willaims from shows such as MTV’s The Challenge and Ex On The Beach: Peak Of Love is speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement and its impact on reality TV. 

He joined AfterBuzz TV to talk about the controversy surrounding MTV and some of its cast members including Dee Nguyen. 

“The only reason why I say she should be fired is because the timing was bad. If this was six months ago, I honestly probably would not have cared. I don’t have that much respect for reality stars on that level to really understand the movement. All in all I think she should have had some type of consequence, I think when we’re looking at the full picture, should she have been fired? No, she just said something that was insensitive, she wasn’t being a bigot, she wasn’t being malicious, it was just bad timing.” Explained Williams regarding Nguyen’s MTV firing.

MTV fired Nguyen due to insensitive comments on The Black Lives Matter movement, which led to fans calling out other cast members including Marlon’s former roommate and The Challenge  Rivals II partner, Jordan Wisely.

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Back in 2013 viewers saw Jordan get into an argument with Nia Moore on The Real World Portland. During the argument Wisely made gorilla gestures towards Nia, who is a black woman, causing a confrontation between Jordan and Marlon. 

“He’s being silent on social media on purpose. I can honestly say from our interaction from The Real World to now, I still wish the best for the man. I know he wishes he can take back that moment, but it’s there, it’s never going to go away. I can truly say Jordan is a different man now, then who he was then.” Said Marlon

Rumors are going around that allegedly Jordan will not meet the same fate as Dee, but instead get a warning, which entails not being able to participate in 1-4 seasons of The Challenge. 

Fans have also been calling out Johnny Bananas after his remarks towards Cheyenne Floyd on Rivals III, where he and his cousin Vince Gliatta repeatedly and purposely  called her Chantel, even after Cheyenne asked them to stop.

Along with Jordan, rumors are going around that Bananas will not be fired from MTV, Allegedly he will announce his retirement after this season concludes and will work behind the scenes of The Challenge.

“There’s a long list of things that white counterparts have done that have been very bad, and they bring these men back year after year after year.  Johnny Bananas being one of them. If Johnny Bananas is announcing his retirement, but they’re now about to give him a job as an executive what lesson is he really learning? He’s basically getting the same pay, but in a different position, maybe even a pay raise.”  Explained Williams. ‘If MTV is really on the side of really setting an example, then he shouldn’t have a job there.  If he’s getting out behind the scenes to help with producing, you’re really giving him more power over what happens on the shows theoretically. He’ll be choosing who gets on who doesn’t get on, what stories get told what stories don’t get told.”

Along with Dee Nguyen, Former Teen Mom Star Taylor Selfridge was also fired from MTV due to racist tweets dated years ago. The tweets were made public back in 2018, which caused many to ask why the network did not part ways with her back then. Something that Marlon says needs to change. 

“I’m just really hoping that we can get to a point where accountability is made where it counts the most. Right now it’s been so many years where people of color have been wanting to have this conversation, but its always been on white people terms, and it’s put us in a box where we can’t talk about this, or we can’t expose this person, I really want us to get to a point where it’s like it’s not a afterthought. I really want us to get to that next phase, you’re going to be held accountable by day one.” Explained Marlon 

As for what MTV can do in the future when it comes to cast members saying racists or insensitive comments, Marlon has one suggestion. 

“Just have some acknowledgement and some accountability for their part in feeding into the negative sides of prejudice and racism, and then tell us what are you going to do going forward to ensure that you don’t keep feeding into the system. Because even if you fire a bunch of people at this point. No one is going to take it as sincere because you didn’t do it until we forced you to do it.” Said Marlon 

You can check out Marlon’s entire interview right here on AfterBuzz TV. 

We are in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement, so please continue to tune in to our network daily for more coverage!

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