‘The Challenge’’s Josh Martinez Says If You Aren’t Cheating You Aren’t Winning

On this week’s AfterBuzz TV’s The Challenge 2.0 after show, Josh Martinez stopped by to discuss people cheating at the games, why he’s only playing for the money, and more! 

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ABTV Love the Challenge 2.0: Josh Martinez 

This season of ‘The Challenge’ has been wild so far and we’re just getting started! Josh Martinez joined AfterBuzz TV’s The Challenge 2.0 after show with hosts Sinse, Melody Rose, Nino Llanera, and Lem Gonsalves, to discuss episode 5 and to clear the air on a few things that have happened on the show. 

The first thing we had to discuss was if the other teams did in fact cheat on the puzzle challenge. He let us know they one hundred percent did! 

“We were the first team to go, and we got out of the water quick as f***, but when it came down to the puzzle there was a lot to factor in. It was extremely cold outside, the water was f***ing freezing, so you’re already in shock and then you have to build a f***ing puzzle, so we were struggling, but Jordan was up top with Swaggy, and they saw how we built the whole puzzle. I think Jordan ended up telling I want to say, Johnny, Tori, and a few other people…It was literally photographic memory, they remembered the puzzle, they gave the answers, and this is the thing, what I learned is that’s part of the game, you’re trying to win that day’s challenge, so if you can get any advantage you take it, and that’s another thing I learned this season, is if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t winning. I’m telling you we would have won that challenge cause none of the other teams beat us out of that water, but they just managed to do the puzzle because they already had the answers to it.”

While we were on the subject of games we had to play our own and put Josh on the spot. We wanted to know if we pit two of his castmates against each other when it came to elimination, who he thought would win. Some of his answers took us by surprise.  

Game who would you pick to win the elimination

AB: “Cara Maria vs. Tori”

Josh: “Tori” 

AB: “Ashley vs. Amanda” 

Josh: “Physical, Amanda because she’s feisty, mental, Ashley’s a beast at puzzles and all that.”

AB: “Wes vs. Jordan”  

Josh: “My money’s on Jordan”

AB: “Paulie vs. Banana’s” (In physical for the fireball throw) 

Josh: “That’s a tough one, I’m gonna say, I f***ing hate the kid, but if I’m being real, I love Johnny but, Paulie’s hungry for the win. Johnny’s the face of the show so he doesn’t have anything to prove.”

So we got to learn about some of his current cast-mates but what about those he didn’t get to go against this season? We asked who he would pick to be on this season with him if he had a choice. 

“A lot of people, I would say Georgia right off the bat. Theo, Theo’s a great competitor but not only that, he’s a good time in the house…Turbo too, Turbo and me, you guys don’t see all the friendships. What I want to say is, obviously there’s a show and a game being played, but we all build really good friendships because we spend a lot of time together, a year of filming together. As much as we’re against each other in this game, bro, I love this cast. We’re all good people, everyone’s trying to win for their family, for whatever their situation is, but yeah, Turbo’s a good guy who went out because of some physical shit, but I wish he’ll be back, so those are like my top 3 picks.”

Last but not least, Josh has been playing a pretty safe game before, but we’ve seen him on previous seasons and other shows, so we know that he has a more devious side. We told him we wanted to see him get messier this season, but he let us know that he went into this season for one thing and one thing alone, money! 

“I get it, but this is the thing, that’s exactly how I wanted to play it, but this is my third season, to get so close last season, to get so far in the game, and,you know,you guys see thirteen episodes but we’re in there for two months, two months and a half, so to make it so far in the game and to leave right before a final, last season. The final was on Monday, I left on a Saturday or a Friday, so, like, two days, so I said I’m going to play my f***ing hands right, and I saw the line-up and said, I’m going to control my emotions, I’m going to try to play the best game that I can, and, you know, if safe is going to get me to the end, I’m there for a million dollars, fans can hate me if I’m being real, I don’t give a fuck, I’m there for the money. I didn’t sign up for a following, a fanbase or anything, I sign up because I’m getting paid good and I want to win, and this game, that’s how I played it, and we’ll see if it works out for me.” 

We can’t wait to see what the rest of this season has in store, and to see if Josh makes it through to the end! 

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