The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley Apologizes To Fans For Past Racist Remarks

Jordan Wiseley is finally speaking out and apologizing to fans. The Challenge vet and Nia Moore sat down with AfterBuzz TV to talk about their racially fueled fight on The Real World Portland, and addressed fans questions on why Jordan has not met the same fate as some of his reality show peers

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Posted On: June 20th, 2020 5:32 pm pst

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Jordan Wisely is under a lot of scrutiny these days. The man once known as the G.O.A.T on MTV’s The Challenge has had a fall from grace due to past racist remarks during his time on The Real World Portland. 

Along with former Real World and Challenge castmate Nia Moore, the two sat down with AfterBuzz TV to share their story, and to give fans what they want – answers!

“For the record, MTV has not called me. They’re not telling us to do this….. This isn’t to save face. I’m not being told to do this, this isn’t a PR stunt or tour.” Explained Wisely, letting listeners know the real reason he’s finally speaking out about the controversy. “Nia hit me up, I’ve been really worried about this as well, because this isn’t how I feel. These clips are not a reflection of me as a person and we have to address that especially now when the movement is at the hype .

The clips Jordan is referring to date back to his real world days in 2013, showing him and Nia in an argument, leading to Jordan saying the N-word and making monkey gestures towards Moore.  Something that Nia says she has forgiven Jordan for. 

“I knew then and I knew now the weight of the words that he used. I never excused it, I was not quick to give him a pass. I knew it wasn’t just about me, because we were on a television show.” Explained Nia. “No matter where you and I go from here, you’re still going to have to answer to my community, and they may not forgive you in the same capacity and the same speed as I do, but all I can do is do it my way, and I never felt rushed, I never felt I had to. I never felt like we had to leave that house and make amends.”

Along with Jordan, Nia has been getting a lot of backlash, but for using her platform to  stand up for Wisely, which she says is understandable. 

“I felt like as his friend it’s necessary for people to know my perspective, and if this is still not good enough I respect that to, because the pain runs deep and the words that were used are painful… I understand all of that. I can only speak on how I feel in my heart, and I love this man we’ve both grown together.”

Since  the videos of Jordan and Nia’s argument began circulating, Wisely has stayed quiet about his past mistakes, leading some fans wanting an apology for his past actions. 

“I apologized years ago, but I understand that right now is an incredible time of pain and suffering, and that I need to apologize again and that I need to let this community know that I am remorseful because I am. Explained Wisely. “The words that came out of my mouth are not a reflection of me as a person and not a reflection of what I believe or what I believe our nation is about or should be about, so I will continue to stand with you, and I apologize to anyone, anyone that I offended via the clips via back then, any time, it was unacceptable behavior.”

Some fans are saying an apology is not enough, and MTV needs to hold Wisely accountable and cut ties with him like the network did with Dee Nguyen.

“Absolutely not, how do you learn at all? How would anyone learn from any of this? Explained Wisely. “What we’re really fighting is systemic racism, and that’s not what we’re talking about here in this situation, and that’s the key difference, so no… The events that have unfolded right in front of us, it’s now sparked this fire up of okay, now we talk, and now we use every advocate we can. You don’t shut us up, you use them, you use me.”

Jordan also touched on the reason his situation is different from his peers. Saying it’s because of how the controversy was handled by MTV. 

“There’s a huge difference; Nia and I went on an entire After Show to right our wrong. We got to sit down with the moderator and discuss everything. We went play by play and discussed it all.” Explained Wisely. “Not only did we come together at the end of our season but we did an entire after show after the season had aired. We got to address everything, and we got to publicly apologize to each other. The wrong was righted in our instance.”

As for some of the people who were not given an opportunity to sit down and discuss these serious topics such as Dee, Jordan thinks that some of his reality star peers deserve a second chance. 

“I really think that the network acted in haste a little bit, because I think it could have been a learning opportunity…. It’s just hard to turn back from. It happened very quickly. The political climate is very very high, so timing is everything. As public figures we have to be aware of the climate, and who we are speaking to.”

As for what both Jordan and Nia would like to see in future seasons of The Challenge, it’s simple.

“I would love to see more people of color on the show. I notice that all the time when we get to seasons, I’m like Cory, Leroy, Da’Vonne; there’s thirty of us here. How is this the breakdown?”

Jordan says he knows it will take a while for people to forgive him, but he knows the steps he needs to take to get back on the right path.”

“Consistency is going to be key. Being consistent, advocating for my brothers and sisters, using my platform. We can’t snap our fingers and say it’s all done. All we can do is keep holding each other accountable, and let me be consistent with my behavior.”

You can catch the entire interview with Jordan and Nia right here on AfterBuzz TV

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