The Challenge Stars Show Support For #BlackLivesMatter Movement

MTV’s The Challenge Johnny Bananas, Aneesa, Jemmye, Jossie, and more stand up and fight for a cause. See how they’re using their platforms to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Benny Adams

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Posted On: June 3rd, 2020 9:44 pm pst

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For over two decades The Challenge has proven to be one of the biggest cable television shows on MTV.

Every Wednesday night fans of the hit reality show tune in, excited to see their favorite cast members  as they fight to win a grand prize.

Outside of the competition, our challenge favorites are stepping up and fighting a different battle, but a familiar one to many.

Across the country Black Lives Matters protests have taken off, after a black man named George Floyd was killed due to police brutality. 

Whether it’s posting on social media, having conversations with friends, or educating themselves; we’re taking a look at how some of your Challenge favorites are showing their support during this important moment in history.

Johnny Bananas and Leroy Garrett: 

Credit: Leroy Garrett’s Twitter Page

Long time best friends, Bananas and Leroy decided to use their platform to educate fans on what was going on in the country, and to have an important conversation about race while on Instagram Live.

“This is also educational for me, and for other people out there, because I’m hoping I ask questions, and I got to the heart of things that other people didn’t know.” Said Bananas while talking to Leroy.

After their conversation Leroy participated in a Black Lives Matters protest in Las Vegas, making it  the first protest he has ever participated in.

“Best experience in my life in Las Vegas… The majority of people were there for a good cause; white, black mexican, whatever, the whole nine.”  Said Leroy while on Instagram live. 

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Jemmye Carrol: 

Credit: Jemmye Carrol’s Instagram page

Challenge Vet Jemmye has proven she’s a true advocate for the Black Lives Matters movement.

Not only has she posted on ways to help the movement, but she’s also donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund-a nonprofit group that helps with the cost of bail for protestors who have been arrested-and encouraged her social media followers to match her donation. 

Jordan Wisely and Tori Deal: 

Credit: MTV

The dynamic duo have been pretty busy getting the word out on how to help the movement on social media. 

“Dear white followers, reposting isn’t enough, I know it may be uncomfortable at first, but we have to acknowledge that we’ve profited from white privilege, and educate ourselves, friends, and families so we can end the racism against African Americans and people of color.” Tweeted Tori. 

Jordan has also followed suit asking his followers to join him in getting public officials to take action.

Aneesa Ferreira: 

Aneesa, aka the elimination queen, attended a protest in Philadelphia showing her support for The Movement.

“People are handing out water bottles, they’re handing out masks, our city is taking care of our people, and it’s so beautiful to see that…. My heart is so full seeing so many non brown and black people here supporting.” Said Annesa on Instagram Live.  

Aneesa has also been active on social media on ways to better help the black Lives Matters movement.

Jozea Flores: 

Challenger and Big Brother alum Jozea Flores participated in a protest in Brooklyn a couple days ago. 

Not only has he protested, but he’s also called out to his castmates who are not people of color expressing how important it is for them to spread awareness.

“Hey to all my fellow Challengers that are not POC… ima need you to please use your platform to spread awareness to this monstrosity of a murder! As allies your voice is a powerful tool so please use it.” Jozea said.

These were not the only Challengers to take a stand, many of them flooded social media, making their voices heard, and standing up for what is right.

Here is a look at some of those voices. 

Dee Nguyen:

Wes Bergmann:

Cory Wharton:

Paulie Calafiore:

Swaggy C:

Ashley Mitchell 

Veronica Portillo:

Da’Vonne Rogers 

Kailah Casillas:

Josh Martinez:

MTV’s The Challenge: 

Believe it or not we’re not even close to mentioning all the Challengers who lent their voice to spread awareness.

AfterBuzz TV could not be more proud to cover such a diverse show with a cast who are not afraid to stand up for what is right in order to fight for a change.

We are in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement, so please continue to tune in to our network daily for more coverage!

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