The Biggest OMG Moments From Episode 7 Of The Challenge Total Madness

Nelson’s Outburst, Bear Coming To The Rescue, & Barbie Beast in purgatory: he big OMG moments from episode 7 of The Challenge Total Madness

Benny Adams

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Posted On: May 15th, 2020 11:35am pst

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Episode 7 of Total Madness was off the chain! So we decided to come up with the biggest OMG moments that happened with the cast. 

Starting off with number 3. We have to give it to Bear for sticking up for Kailah. We usually see Bear as the prankster of the group, but for this episode we were introduced to a more serious side of him. 

Bear jumped to Kailah’s defense after an argument escelated between her and Nelson.  

You could tell he genuinely felt for Kailah, and was willing to stand up for what was right.

Credit: MTV

Speaking of Nelson, he’s our number 2 OMG moment for calling out Kailah and calling her some insulting words.

We have to give credit where credit is due though because later Nelson did end up apologizing to Kailah trying to make things better. 

Nelson’s outburst doesn’t top our number 1 OMG moment, and that goes to none other than Jenna AKA “BARBIE BEAST”.

Not only did she shock viewers by throwing herself into purgatory, but she ended up winning in one of the most intense eliminations on The Challenge. You Go Jenna! 

Wet can’t wait to see what episode 8 has in store. 

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