Netflix The Big Show Show Star Lily Brooks O’Briant Spills On Real Life Father Daughter Relationship with WWE’s Icon and His Giant Ariana Grande Surprise

Written by: Bryant Santos, March 2nd 2020, 9:00am pst



Lily Brooks O’Briant has made a big name for herself as an actress by playing Dolph Lundgren’s daughter in Shark Lake as well as playing Matilda in the nationwide tour of the Broadway musical. However, Lily’s latest role on Netflix’s newest sitcom The Big Show Show, where she plays the feministic, eco-conscious, middle-schooler Mandy, just might be her biggest match to date. Lily joined The Big Show Show AfterShow to talk all about her role as Mandy, as well as her relationship with The Big Show.

When asked about her relationship with The Big Show both on and off camera, Lily had nothing but good things to say about the former WWE Champion.

“Big Show is so sweet to everyone. We all kind of have a father-daughter relationship with The Big Show and we all love each other so much…I’m so glad that the love that we have for each other showed through when the show came out. But, the relationship was definitely there”, she shared.

Credit: Lily Brooks O’Briant @lilybrooksobriant on Instagram

Also, when discussing how she was able to bond with The Big Show to create that on-screen chemistry, Lily shared a sweet story of The Big Show’s surprise for his on-screen family.

“We kind of bonded throughout the whole thing. We would bond like, in between takes, and in between rehearsals and we would just hang out. And during lunch, the sisters, we would hang out in the school room and just watch TV…even like the first week we were there, we felt like a family already and it was just so amazing. And yeah! He took us to an Ariana Grande concert after we finished filming”, she said happily.

Credit: Lily Brooks O’Briant @lilybrooksobriant on Instagram

Can you imagine going to an Ariana Grande concert with The Big Show? Judging by Lily’s reaction, it’s definitely safe to say that The Big Show was successful in this bonding attempt, and we love to see Just A Little Bit Of His Heart.

After sharing that sweet(ener) story, Lily also shared some of her career goals and plans for the future.

“I would love to be in another movie. Movies are so much fun to film, especially because you’re basically filming a really long TV show just put together, and you become even more of a family with the whole cast. And I loved doing that, I would definitely love to be in another movie. And, hopefully, season two of The Big Show Show, crossing my fingers,” she said wishfully.

We also couldn’t let Lily leave the show without asking how she’s staying sane during quarantine and she mentioned that she’s keeping busy in many exciting, productive ways.

“I love music so much. Music is definitely one of my other passions besides acting. I’ve been learning a lot of more songs on the guitar and on the ukulele. I just love doing that and definitely check out my Instagram @lilybrooksobriant to see more singing videos and guitar videos”, she shared.

Credit: Lily Brooks O’Briant @lilybrooksobriant on Instagram

You should absolutely show Lily some love and check out her Instagram to see more of her amazing singing and acting. Also, when she’s not wrestling with big middle school drama on The Big Show Show, Lily shows off her acting chops as Carly Gray in Shark Lake as well as on many other exciting films and shorts. You can also show your Netflix account some love and binge the entire first season of The Big Show Show right now, where you’ll see Lily show out as the lovably eccentric Mandy. With her breakout performance in this Netflix sitcom as well as her incredible talents in music and singing, there is no doubt that Lily will show the world that she is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

You can watch Lily’s full interview here on The Big Show Show AfterShow hosted by Leslie Colon, Bryant Santos, Emily Mae Heller, and Kelsey Meyer.

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