ABC is bringing old seasons of the Bachelor franchise to hold us over in Quarantine!

‘The Bachelor: The Most Unforgettable — Ever!’ Set To Air Old Seasons With A New Twist This Summer On ABC!

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Posted On: April 29th, 2020 6:55 pm pst

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Are you ready to take a trip down Bachelor memory lane this summer? ABC certainly wants you to and they’re launching a brand new, yet familiar, show based on that concept!

Per Variety, ABC announced plans for a 10-episode series titled, “The Bachelor: The Most Unforgettable – Ever!” which invites fans to look back at some of the most dramatic moments in the franchise’s history.  Now, before you get upset at the idea of old reruns, here’s how they’re switching things up this time!

Each three-hour-long episode will cover an old season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette its entirety, from night one entrances all the way up to the final rose. It’ll be combined with locally shot footage of Chris Harrison hosting at the empty Bachelor mansion, which happens to be  minutes away from where he lives. This new format will allow producers and a skeleton crew to safely capture extra content that’ll spice up some of the old episodes. Hey, this has to be better than that rumored “Bachelor in Quarantine” idea they were considering, right?

Executives who spoke to Variety and called this new show “a love letter” to fans who’ve stuck with the franchise all of these years — and they claim they’re REALLY going to dig deep in the archives for us!

Viewers can definitely expect to see Juan Pablo Galavis’s season so the new generation of Bach fans can get to know Clare Crawley before her season eventually gets going. The idea is to have her and other alums come along for the ride with virtual interviews featured throughout several episodes. 

Credit: ABC

We can probably expect to see the first season of The Bachelor from 2002 and the first Bachelorette season which aired in 2003, but the official lineup is still being determined. We want to know, who’s season are YOU interested in watching again or for the first time? Kaitlyn Bristowe, Sean Lowe, or picture perfect Ben Higgins? How about our first and only Black female lead, Rachel Lindsay? Let us know who you’re excited for in the comments below!

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