Thanos Creator Wants Villain to Return in Future Marvel Movies

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7/18/19 6:17PM

EXCLUSIVE – (SPOILERS!) If you watched the end of Avengers: Endgame, you might think Thanos is no more, but the supervillain’s creator is holding out hope he comes back.

While the Avengers were victorious in killing Thanos at the end of Endgame, the movie also opened the time travel door with the Inter-Dimensional Portal. The Portal connects one part of the Marvel multiverse to another, and thus, there is the possibility of seeing Thanos in a different time and place.

“They’ve made so much money off him, I can’t believe they’re not gonna do it again,” said creator Jim Starlin, when talking with Popcorn Talk Network’s Xia Anderson at the San Diego Comic-Con. “I know Josh Brolin, who originally said he was a one-off, has since then he’d like to do more.”

The Marvel Universe even connects Thanos to other characters, making a comeback even more likely.

“They bring the Warlock into it and that leads to the Magus, and Thanos is part of the Magus-Warlock story, so it’s a possibility that we’ll see him that way,” said Starlin.

Starlin doesn’t have creative control of the movies moving forward, and Marvel hasn’t commented on Thanos’ future, but Starlin is hoping someone is listening to him.

“I’m mentioning it now so it will put a bug in somebody’s ear up there at the studio,” said Starlin.

San Diego Comic-Con runs through Sunday, July 21st.