Wake Up Calls Season 2 Episode 42 ‘Love After Lockup’ Review & Recap

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Love After Lockup is our favorite guilty pleasure TV show and we’re so happy to be covering it! Join us every week to break down this show that is EVERYTHING! From the drama to the love to the realtionships, we’ll be covering the spinoff series LIFE AFTER LOCKUP too! Be sure to subscribe, comment, let us know your thoughts, and check out all of our other AfterBuzz shows! The LOVE AFTER LOCKUP AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW starts now!

Episode Recap

This week on Love After Lockup Lacy storms out of her argument with Shane to go check on John, but John is back in jail for drug possession. Sarah visits a family attorney to find out how she can financial help from Michael; meanwhile, Michael gets into a fight with his ex-best friend Rock after Rock reveals he slept with Megan. Cheryl and Josh got back together, and she decides to take her kids to go live with him in Colorado. Tracy and Clint are arrested for meth possession. Clint is released,, but Tracy isn’t., and Clint is determined to get her out. Britney is contemplating having her recovering mother come live with her and Marcelino, but Marcelino is hesitant due to their abusive relationship. Lamar is in Utah with Andrea and the kids, but Andrea isn’t happy unless he decides to stay for good.

  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Alexis Brown

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