talks about her character Raelle and the Magic of Representation

Written by: Gunner Teixeira – March 30th 2020, 6:10pm pst

Taylor Hickson and the rest of Motherland: Fort Salem cast are creating their own place in the TV universe as a human agent for female empowerment, with storm and fury.

Motherland: Fort Salem centers around a unit of the U.S. army’s newest witch cadets. Tally is a living exclamation point.  Abigail is the direct descendant of the first black witches to serve in the witch army.  Raelle is an unwilling recruit with major authority issues.

Raelle is portrayed by the ever-lovely Taylor Hickson, who stopped by the AfterbuzzTV Motherland Aftershow to discuss episode 2 and the importance of a show like Motherland.

credit: Freeform

Hickson is passionate about the presence of representation within this mystical branch of the army. But what really impresses her is that the representation isn’t their entire story.

“One of my favorite things that Freeform and Motherland and Eliot are doing here,” she says,”is that they don’t ever really point out who we really love. And I think that’s something we want to see in the media, you know, they don’t make the drama about coming out, they don’t make the drama about me loving another woman.”

Hickson’s character Raelle is starting a relationship with fellow witch cadet Scylla, a “necro”. Necro witches channel the vibrations of death itself, but that isn’t the most strange aspect of Raelle’s love interest; she is a part of the Spree, who are the big bad of the series thus far.

credit: Freeform

But to Taylor,  Raelle isn’t merely a character she plays.

Raelle represents visibility for her loved ones.

Hickson has so many influential members of her life who identify with the LGBTQ+ community, she promised she would represent Raelle with dignity and strength.

She told me, “I have so many close friends within the LGBT community, so it’s vital to me that Raelle was portrayed with utmost conviction and utmost respect.”

Now, just in case you haven’t been paying attention, Motherland is exceptionally forward-thinking and female-focused. What Taylor and I bonded over was the fact that Eliot Laurence (a man) is the creator of this witchy masterpiece. A man creating a show like this is making strides in the right direction. Taylor couldn’t agree more, saying,

“I mean to have all of these idealisms coming from the mind of a man, I think that more than ever is signifying a shift. That really blew me away, to have these pushes coming from a male presence I was like, ‘you know we’re fucking doing it.’ we really are…

credit: Boston Globe

If you want to see Taylor Hickson bring Raelle to life, check out Motherland: Fort Salem on Freeform Wednesday nights 9pm est. And then tune in every Thursday night at 8pm for the Motherland: Fort Salem Aftershow with Kevin, Torree, Bryant, and myself Gunner, to watch us discuss our favorite unit. Which we will do, with storm and fury.

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