Taye Diggs Was Almost Batman Franchise’s First Black Superhero

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7/1/19 8:45PM

EXCLUSIVE – We were thiiiiiiis close to having the first black Robin in a Batman movie!

Taye Diggs revealed Monday that he was in the running for the part in one of the latest Batman movies.

“I remember there was a minute when, um, oh, I wanted it so bad; when, uh, they were considering Batman, um, in Batman, Robin being black,” said Diggs.

The All American star was on Black Hollywood Live’s Inside The Black Actor’s Studio talking about the show’s second season when he was asked about any roles he almost had.

While Diggs didn’t reveal which Batman movie it was, the most recent appearance of Robin was in The Dark Knight Rises, where Joseph Gordon Levitt played the role, though very subtly.

Diggs also said he wasn’t alone in being considered. He said his competition was Marlon Wayans!

In the end, the studio went a different direction and we didn’t end up seeing either in a movie. Still, Diggs looks at what would have been and is crossing his fingers for a future comic book role.

“That would’ve been great. That would have been awesome,” said Diggs. “I’m still waiting to be a superhero! I gotta figure that out.”

For the full interview with Diggs, click the link above!

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.