Tank EP Soothes Quarantine w/EP While You Wait, Evokes BET Midnight Love, Jodeci, Boys II Men

Written by: Kenneth Ware – April 20th, 2020 10:38pm pst


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In trying times, one thing that can feed the light in us and give us hope is music. AfterBuzz TV proudly presents ‘Quarantine Musical Discoveries’.  These are the inspirational new voices emerging from isolation, cherished voices that get us through. It’s our pleasure to share them with you during this, our most challenging time.  Today we’re discovering Tank.

Lyrical foreplay. Oil-slicked vocals. Piano-laced slow jams. Five-time Grammy-nominated artist Tank surprised fans with While You Wait, an acoustic collection of tunes filled with elements of classic soul.

“There is a lot of stress on people’s minds and a lot of wear and tear on people’s hearts at this moment,” Tank said. 

According to the Business Insider, 95 percent of the American population, or about 306 million people, are under some form of lockdown. Tank created his latest music effort – in less than a week – to lift the spirits of people at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

On the EP, Tank is in supreme command of his material. He produced, composed and penned the entire project. Depth and sincerity is found in the opener (“You Never Know”) and is never lost in the messaging throughout the total duration of the project.

“It’s something from the heart to share with people while we wait with our loved ones,” Tank explained.

“You” is a celebration of a loving union between two best friends, not unfamiliar to the Wisconsin-born crooner. Tank and his longtime love, Zena Foster, said “I do” in 2018.

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“It’s dedicated to my wife and for people to be able to dedicate it to their significant other,” Tank revealed.

His voice is as sweet as ever and, on “Perfect,” he vows to never give up on his lover, flaws and all. In the throwback-heavy “My Lovers,” he builds a nostalgic bridge for ‘90s music lovers with a sweet tooth for BET’s Midnight Love. Plus, he paid homage to two iconic R&B groups: Boys II Men and Jodeci. 

“Those are two cinder blocks in the foundation of R&B music that raised me,” Tank added, “and made me the artist I am today.”

Promises of compliments, relationship building and unyielding devotion place “Self Esteem” at the top of many fans’ playlists during the quarantine lockdown.   

“The world needs mood setting love songs again,” a fan on Twitter said, highlighting “Self Esteem” as her favorite.

On the final track “Facetime,” Tank seductively commands his lover to refrain from using video chat and meet him immediately for skin-to-skin contact. His message is clear: physical touch is not antiquated.

“Put the phone downs and have some real interactions, some real face time,” Tank said. “Get together on some real shit.”

Just before the EP begins to soar to new sexual heights, it climaxes at 27 minutes.

“Fans want more tracks,” Tank acknowledged, “so I will get more songs done.” 

Overall, While You Wait is a deeply-satisfying Creole-seasoned gumbo made with Tank’s homemade roux, a recipe he has been fine-tuning for over 20 years. The next serving is also guaranteed to hit the spot. 

As the world continues to endure the worldwide pandemic and economic meltdown, Tank shared this special message with AfterBuzz TV readers:

“Be safe. Use this time to figure out and find your purpose – create it and execute it. Use this time to use the technology to your advantage and hug the ones close to you.”

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