Tan France and Snoop Dogg Want YOU to Vote

Queer Eye and Next In Fashion’s Tan France plus the one and only Snoop Dogg urge people to vote

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Posted On: June 12, 2020 2:40pm pst

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Voting is a hot (and important!) topic, and has likely been popping up at the dinner table recently. As politicians urge protestors to express themselves at the ballot box as well as in the streets, celebrities are also urging their followers to show up come election day.

On June 10, Queer Eye’s Tan France officially became a U.S. citizen. The Designer took to instagram to make the celebratory announcement.

(Credit: Tan’s Instagram)

For me, this is monumental. It’s something I’ve been working towards for literally 20 years, which makes this all the more emotional.”

The fashion icon, originally from the U.K., used his shining social media moment to draw attention to a highly essential subject in our country: voting. 

And now, I will exercise my constitutional right as an American. Today, I will register to vote, and vote for the change I wish to see in OUR nation.”

Snoop Dogg is also broaching the topic regarding what is meant to be every citizen’s constitutional right. In a June 4th interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Real 92.3, Snoop Dogg announced he would be voting in the 2020 election, and that it would be his first time voting. 

“I ain’t never voted a day in my life, but this year I think I’m going to get out and vote because I can’t stand to see this punk in office one more year,” The rapper told Big Boi. 

Snoop Dogg had stayed away from the polls in the past, because he had been led to believe his criminal record barred him from getting a vote. Snoop Dogg was convicted of a felony in 1990 and then again in 2007, but has since had his criminal record expunged. 

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“We got to make a difference, I can’t talk about it and not be about it,” Said the “Young, Wild & Free” artist.

“I can’t tell you to do it and then not go do it … If I tell you to do something, I done it already.” 

(Credit: The Inquisitr)

Well said, Snoop! As celebrities step up and commit to bringing their beliefs to the ballot box this fall, they’re serving as role models for us all to follow suit.

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