Sweet Magnolias Writer Shares EXCLUSIVE About Scenes That Got Cut From Air!

Actor Chris Medlin talks all about his character Isaac and sends love to Dion Johnstone and Anneliese Judge, while writer Anthony Epling breaks down episode 7 and talks about what ended up on the cutting room floor of Sweet Magnolias!

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Posted On: April 28th, 2020 10:26pm pst

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias: Chris Medlin & Anthony Epling

Sweet Magnolias gets better and better with each episode and AfterBuzz TV is so excited to be your go-to place for all your Sweet Magnolias coverage. For the AfterShow of episode 7, we’re joined by writer Anthony Epling, and Chris Medlin who plays Isaac on the show, and the duo offered some amazing insight into our favorite Southern town of Serenity.

Episode 7 of Sweet Magnolias centers heavily around the backstory of Cece and how she’s not just the mean girl that she portrays herself as. Anthony jumped right in by offering insight into what the writing team wanted to portray with this character.

“I would say probably the thing that was the most interesting conversation in the writer’s room for this episode was getting to the heart of Cece and Russ’s relationship and Russ’s reluctance to assume that Cece was college-bound.”

Anthony elaborated on how he and fellow writer Franki Butler brought something special to the room as writers from the South, so they truly helped paint the picture of these very real Southern characters and this very authentic small, Southern town.

While Anthony and Franki brought their backstory to the writer’s room, this episode also discussed the backstory of Isaac, and Chris Medlin discussed how he related to his character.

“Growing up as my own little version of Isaac of a fresh face in a small town, and being a person of color in an area where it is so traditional and so closely networked, I think it’s something that a lot of people relate to today and it is so relative to everyone’s hometown experience.”

In this show, someone that is a part of Isaac’s close network is Erik Whitley, portrayed by Dion Johnstone and Chris noted his favorite parts of working with Dion.

“Dion is one of the most inspiring people to work with. The way he approaches material and the way that he kind of dives in is something that’s very aspirational for me to look at, in a similar Isaac-Erik relationship of someone that has these credits and this experience that I am hoping to gain.”

Since Erik and Isaac are from very different walks of life, Anthony also weighed in on how a common theme of this show is unexpected friendships, and that is one of the aspects of this show that Netflix fell in love with. 

After joking that he never signed an NDA, Anthony threw out friendships like Isaac and Erik, Annie and Isaac, and Cece and Helen, and shared that these people that are so different can eventually come together and create beautiful, mutually-beneficial friendships.

On the topic of the beautiful friendship between Isaac and Annie, Chris shouted out how great it was to work with Anneliese Judge as they bonded over the fact that this was their first major TV role.

“We’re both brand new to this. I think the specialness between the two of us was getting to experience that together.”

Something special about this show is how every single person in the cast and crew brings something so personally valuable to their role and Anthony shared how he specifically contributed to an intense scene in this episode between the Townsend and Lewis families.

“Both my parents were public school teachers so I lived through these stories my entire life.”

Anthony also shared insight into how much he loved the editing of this scene, and even shared an EXCLUSIVE piece of information about both Trotter and Mary Vaughn’s characters.

When discussing Trotter and Maddie’s extremely heartwarming spa scene, Anthony elaborated on how that was not the original plan for how that scene was going to play out.

“The Trotter of it all was a complete accident. Originally, it was meant to be Paula, Maddie’s mom. In the original draft of things, Maddie’s mom was supposed to come to margarita night, bring the divorce papers, then Maddie was going to have that conversation when talking about wanting a relationship like her mom and dad had.”

After sharing that eye-opening insight, Anthony also noted that we shouldn’t be quick to judge Mary Vaugn because we also were supposed to know a little bit more of her backstory, but that ended up on the cutting room floor.

“In terms of other things that didn’t make it to air, there was a scene that was supposed to give Mary Vaughn a little bit more depth too because originally Ashley makes a comment about Mary Vaughn’s sisters that cause trouble. We met one of those sisters that was Cliff’s mom, and we discovered Mary Vaughn is the sane one in the family.”

Even though we were all reeling from those epic bombs that Anthony just dropped on us, we were able to recover and wrap things up with what Chris took away from his character and this incredible show.

“Something that the audience can walk away with about this small southern town overall is that no matter how many pros or cons a person’s personality or walk of life has, people need people and we need each other.”

Chris also shared that he absolutely loved working on this show and since his background is in theater, he’d love to continue having his hand in both worlds of stage and screen. 

Here’s hoping for Sweet Magnolias Season 2, so we can get more of Chris’s incredible work as Isaac and more of Anthony’s wonderful writing!

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