Sweet Magnolias Star JoAnna Garcia Swisher on Character Development & Season Two Wishes

JoAnna Garcia Swisher sends love to co-stars Heather Headley and Brooke Elliott, talks about Maddie’s journey throughout Sweet Magnolias, and dishes on what she wants from season two.

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Posted On: May 23rd, 2020 7:34pm pst

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias: JoAnna Garcia Swisher

It’s the finale! Since it was sadly the end of our Sweet Magnolias journey, we couldn’t think of anyone better than JoAnna Garcia Swisher to join us for the final aftershow of the season and she shared a full-circle perspective of her character Maddie and how much she loved working on the show.

JoAnna started the show by actually posing a question to us! She was dying to know our thoughts about who we think is the other passenger in the *SPOILER ALERT* CAR ACCIDENT!

After we shared our thoughts, JoAnna shared who she thinks is in the car from a viewer’s POV.

“I definitely think there’s a chance that it’s Nelly, and Annie would be my other best guess, but I don’t know. And it’s funny, I’ve begged Sheryl to tell us and she said I’m not even telling Netflix until we get a season two.”

We’re all begging for a season two! So to our friends at Netflix, we’re looking at you!

JoAnna also discussed how difficult it was to portray this intense car accident scene because Maddie’s reaction to the situation was not what JoAnna would have done at all.

“Opposite of all my natural instincts, so when I played that scene it was very difficult for me. I had to talk about it a lot because I was like I literally would skin those police officers alive, but also in those moments, you are so blown away, like it’s almost this utter shock.”

After talking about that intense scene and cliffhanger, JoAnna even shed light on Chris Klein’s portrayal of her on-screen husband Bill Townsend.

JoAnna shared that Chris is such a sweet guy in real life and referenced his “bad guy” character as an example of what she loves most about the show and her character Maddie.

“There’s like an opportunity for every character to kind of learn. I mean, it’s not always everybody else’s fault, and [sometimes it’s] just their fault.”

Other characters that JoAnna was excited to talk about were her Sweet Magnolias sisters Helen and Dana Sue. She shouted out how happy she was for Dana Sue having two GORGEOUS men wrapped around her finger and also discussed how much she loves the character of Helen.

“Helen is like my dream. I love that character so much and the moment that broke my heart the most, it was such a subtle thing that Heather did.”

JoAnna proceeded to touch on the heartbreaking moment between Ryan and Helen that sent Helen on a downward spiral.

Team Ryan or Team Erik? At this point, we honestly don’t know how anyone can NOT be on Team Erik.

As we dived deeper into Maddie Townsend’s whirlwind story in this finale, JoAnna drew parallels between Maddie’s parenting and her parenting, as she has that same passionate protectiveness over her child as Maddie does.

“She plays it safe, always. I understand that too as a parent.”

After discussing how similar but simultaneously different she is to her character Maddie, JoAnna sent us off by sharing what she wants fans to take away from this show and how much she loved playing the role of Maddie.

“The overall experience was remarkable, and I think it was one of my most favorite characters that I’ve ever played because I felt like I just connected to her in so many ways and I felt it was so beautifully written.”

JoAnna even touched on how a friend and former colleague reached out to her to share his thoughts on the show and how it resonated with him.

“He was like this show is so special because it has such a strong point of view and it’s relentless in the fact that there’s no apologies, there’s no beating around the bush. It has a strong point of view and it’s so pure in that way, and I think it’s so special that we’re really just diving into these characters and they’re so layered. And it’s not like a beginning and an end, episode one to episode ten. It’s really about, this is where they are in this moment.”

As we began to say our sweet goodbye to our dear Magnolia, JoAnna sent us off with her season two wishes.

“For Maddie, I want her to have that moment that she’s blown up something really great with Cal…I’d like to see that journey and that honest moment for her to figure it out and to kind of let the dust settle a little bit. I want to know where all the storylines go. I want to know who’s Isaac’s parents. I want to know who’s in the car. I want to know what happens between Helen and Erik and when are we gonna see Ty and Annie like really make out!”

For that Ty and Annie note in particular, we feel you on that Jo, and Ms. Sheryl Anderson we’re looking at you.

If you want to keep up with the absolutely incredible sweet and talented JoAnna Garcia Swisher, follow her on social media @JoAnnaLGarcia on Twitter and @jogarciaswisher on Instagram. Be on the lookout for all the exciting projects and updates JoAnna has like her lifestyle and design destination The Happy Place and so much more.

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