Sweet Magnolias Star Heather Headley Says Houston’s Run To You is Helen Decatur’s ThemeSong!

Sweet Magnolias Showrunner Sheryl Anderson shows love to her incredibly attractive and incredibly talented cast while Heather Headley shares love for the show’s executive team, and her Sweet Magnolias sisters JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Brooke Elliott.

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Posted On: May 19th, 2020 2:00pm pst

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias

AfterBuzz TV is delighted to be joined by Showrunner Sheryl Anderson along with Tony-winning actress Heather Headley to break down all the drama happening in Serenity on Episode 2 of Sweet Magnolias.

In this episode, we see Dana Sue keeping busy to avoid the problems in her life and projecting her insecurities and past issues onto those closest to her. Sheryl offered her unique insight into this topic from a writing perspective:

“You’re dealing with a woman who’s been challenged in her workplace, who doesn’t have the smoothest relationship with her teenage daughter, who’s estranged from her husband. So, her level of activity helps hide her level of unhappiness.”On the flip side, actress Heather Headley, who plays Helen Decatur on the show, shared her thoughts from the character she was portraying as Dana Sue’s best friend.

“I think everybody needs that girlfriend. Everybody needs that sister, that friend in their lives to say do what you gotta do and I’m gonna take it this time, but this is how I show that I love you. I’m not gonna stop worrying about you. It just really shows how deep and beautiful their relationship is. Their relationship crosses finance, their relationship crosses race, their relationship crosses marriage, whatever it is. These women are just friends and they love each other.

Another best friend of Helen’s is Maddie, portrayed by JoAnna Garcia Swisher, and Heather shared how she was delightfully surprised at how well she worked with JoAnna and how close they became. Heather discussed how most shows she comes onto, she approaches it by not expecting to be a “best friend” to her castmates, but she was so happy that she became close with JoAnna and was able to share that chemistry both on and off screen.

“JoAnna walked in and within 30 minutes, I was like, I think I’m falling for her. It was easy to fall for the person of JoAnna, and fall for the person of Brooke very quickly, even though we’re different women at different times of our lives and dealing with different things. So, I’m very pleased, honored, and humbled to hear that it comes across.”

Something else that came across crystal clear in this episode was Erik Whitley’s ability to take a step back and let his boss run the show. Heather was happy to share how much she enjoyed that part of the episode.

“That takes a man who knows himself to say I’m cool with that, that’s not a problem you’re in charge. And that’s what he tells all the other people in the kitchen, she’s in charge. It’s her kitchen, we run by her rules. I love that he’s not a doormat, he’s a man’s man but he’s also secure enough to say yes chef, I’m good with that.”

While we could talk about our Sweet Magnolias over margaritas all day long, we also had to discuss another point in this episode and in the series, which is baseball. Sheryl wanted to share the significance behind baseball games in Serenity and in this show.

“The baseball games stood in for us as an example of how, in a town like Serenity, where everybody knows your business, for good or for ill, you’ve got a private face and a public face, a private life and a public life.”

In this show, we’ve got gorgeous men playing baseball, sexy secure men cooking up delicious food, and obviously handsome doctors, and Sheryl shared that while these characters and the actors who portray them are extremely attractive, they are also extremely generous on set.

“We are very fortunate that our cast, across the board, is beautiful inside and out. I mean, not only do we have incredibly attractive people, but we have incredibly talented people, and gracious good-hearted people, who brought their A-Game and then some every day.”

While Sheryl shared her overflowing love and appreciation for her cast, Heather shared that love right back to Sheryl and the rest of the executive team who fostered a true family on set. During filming, Heather was two months postpartum, and she said that from top executives like Sheryl to cameramen and the rest of the crew, she always felt seen, and truly felt like part of a family.

“They henned us in and they covered us with their wings and they thought about us as people.”

From the set family to Helen’s family, we also discussed another major topic of this episode as Heather’s character Helen struggles with wanting more out of her life than just her career. Heather shared that to describe how Helen was feeling, she immediately thought of Whitney Houston’s iconic song, “Run To You”.

“I feel like that could be Helen’s theme song. It’s a little bit of Dana Sue, you fix everybody else. You’re kinda great busy. You’re running around and you take on all this stuff, but I’m sure the toughest place is to open the door at night and to kind of go home. I turned that key and there’s no one there, there’s no one there for her. The question is can Superwoman save herself, and I don’t think she can. She may be filled with Kryptonite.”

Do you think Superwoman can save herself? We sure hope so. We’ll have to wait to see what’s next for Helen, Dana Sue, Maddie, and the rest of the folks in Serenity, so be sure to catch up with all things Sweet Magnolias on the official Sweet Magnolias AfterShow on AfterBuzz TV.

Also, if you want to catch up with our amazing guests, be sure to follow Sheryl and Heather on social media @sheryljanderson and @heatherheadley and continue to check back with AfterBuzz TV for more Sweet Magnolias coverage and the latest news in entertainment.

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