Sutton Stracke & ‘RHOBH’ Teddi Mellencamp Recent Bonding Over Family Medical Complications

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Sutton Stracke talks unique ‘ The Sutton Concept’ holiday plans, which Housewife she’d be quarantined with, Teddi Mellencamp family medical drama bond, Jonathan Bennett, Hallmark Christmas LGBTQ movies and how Danica McKellar’s ‘Christmas at Dollywood’ is her favorite Christmas movie of all time! 

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Posted On: October 5th, 2020 9:15 pm pst

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Sutton Stracke from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills connected with Chelsie Overocker from The House of Hallmark to discuss how her boutique, The Sutton Concept, navigated through Covid, which Housewife she would she would want to be quarantined with, and how she supports Hallmark Channel’s first LGBTQ holiday movie that is set to air this year. 

Congratulations on celebrating your one year anniversary with The Sutton Concept. 

Photo Credit: Richie Lannacone

“Thank you I can’t believe we survived. We opened last September and five months later we are shut down. But we’re still going strong and it’s been such a blessing.”

What did you do for your anniversary? 

“We had some foot traffic and champagne. I think some people are still nervous about shopping..which is understandable. I did a few of the Instagram lives which is so fun. My really good friend Cameron Silver came to the store and we did another live event that afternoon with my friend Amber Sakai who is another designer we have in the store. We reminisced about old times from Paris fashion week.” 

Photo Credit: Joshua Roberts

Yes it is understandable that people are still nervous to go shopping but we are happy that your event was successful and looking forward to seeing your future projects with your boutique. 

Sutton also explains that it was a blessing in disguise for her business when Covid happened.

“When we found out that we were in lockdown we felt like we were hitting our stride at the store. But we got to take that time and had a lot of Zoom meetings. I have a really small staff..there was one thing that we haven’t gotten to when we were opening the store which was really developing our online sales. That’s what we did. We worked on that and found a great photographer that took all of the merchandise and did photographs and we got the right way to make it look on the website. We focused on online and I’m so glad we had that time. It was a blessing in disguise.” 

That’s great that The Sutton Concept was able to stride through Covid and helped build your online presence. What stood out the most to us on the website was your feature of the week that highlights your top picks in the store and helps customers purchase items when they are looking through your collection.

Not only are retail businesses navigating a different way on how to operate through Covid but so are TV shows. Sutton explains that the reunion show was a different experience. 

“Doing the reunion show is different because we had big monitors and it was a real camera. It wasn’t a Zoom where you are face to face…I’m astonished on how production deals with this and it’s really impressive to me.” 

TV Shows are coming back to production but a few are having their cast and crew quarantined with each other while they are filming. It would be interesting if everyone from The Real Housewives had to be quarantined together. 

“That would be fun to see. I would watch that” [laughs].

If you had to choose someone from the show to be quarantined with who would it be? 

“I don’t know it’s hard to choose one person because it depends on your mood that day on who you want to be quarantined with [laughs] I would say Kyle because you know she is easy going and easy to talk to.” Stracke states,” but also if I was feeling a little feisty Lisa would be fun. If I wanted to dive into a closet Erika and Doirt would be fun. I think on a normal coffee break moment I don’t drink coffee [laughs] but Garcellle and I could have a glass of wine like every afternoon and just be like ‘girl wtf’ [laughs]. Maybe that can be a whole day. Well just rotate people in through quarantine” [laughs].

Even after the reunion show Stracke mentions that everyone still keeps in touch with each other. 

“Yeah we have all spoken. I haven’t spoken to Denise because she is in Spain filming but we have all been keeping up for sure.” 

Stracke also keeps in touch with Teddi Mellencamp after her exit from the show. Stracke revealed that they both bonded after their family members went through neurosurgery. 

“You know what actually I spoke to Teddi before that because her daughter was going in for neurosurgery and my niece who is no longer with us went through a series of neurosurgeries and I knew how hard that was. So I just gave her a call and you bond in that kind of way. We text back and forth. Teddi is a fighter and she is going to land on her feet and be even stronger.” 

We know Teddi is a fighter too and hoping her daughter’s surgery goes well. Teddi will definitely be missed next season. We’re glad that Stracke is there for her and they still remain good friends.

“That’s what’s been so fun getting to know these ladies is there are all business women. They’re all really creative. They’re all really successful and to be part of that friendship is so meaningful to me…we’re all so supportive of each other.” 

Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan

Stracke is also getting creative this year with the holidays and explains what The Sutton Concept is planning on doing this year.

Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan

“Yeah we are always looking for holiday stuff. Last year we got to do a holiday event which was after Teddi’s baby shower.” Stracke explains, “we are always looking for little gifts and have a lot of them in the store. We also have a really great paper selection. It can go from stationary to Christmas cards to my favorite, the place card. We have beautiful unique things that are hand painted and really nice.The Hunter boots are crazy and we did them last year. Actually Teddi gave me this idea to do the naughty or nice boots and we did them in red.” 

Stracke continues. 

“You want to give somebody something unique and special and that’s what we hope we can help somebody find.” 

While talking about the holidays Stracke admits that she and her family celebrated Christmas early this year while they were quarantined together.

“This is something weird I did this summer. I put up a Christmas tree in July because I think we were really sick of each other [laughs] my three children were all here and I did a surprise Christmas and they all thought I was crazy. I make a Christmas casserole every year so I made it that morning for breakfast and did all of those things. Put up a Christmas tree. Got a bunch of presents and put it under the tree and they were stupid presents like floats for the pool. But at the sametime this is a true story, we put on the Hallmark Channel that was running all day. Hallmark was doing Christmas in July and I’ve never done this before. It was just live streaming on my television all day. I’m not kidding! I had Christmas carols going on through the speakers and played with the floatable volleyball set they got under the tree [laughs] and my children thought I was crazy but they loved it.” 

While Sutton was watching Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movie marathon she stated what her favorite holiday film was.

“I got to say my favorite is Christmas at Dollywood. I’m a country girl!” 

Photo Credit: The Hallmark Channel

That’s a good one. We love Danica McKellar, Niall Matter, and Dolly Parton who starred in the film. Stracke admits she is excited that Hallmark is filming their first LGBTQ holiday movie this year and can’t wait to watch it.

“I did hear through the grapevine that Hallmark is doing their first LGBTQ Christmas holiday movie and I love that Hallmark is doing that and it is something very special to me and it’s a community that I really support and love. I think it’s so refreshing to see something different like that.” Stracke explains, “let’s face it you can celebrate the holidays if you are gay, straight, confused we don’t care everybody wants to celebrate the doesn’t matter where you are in your life ..I’m excited to see that one.”  

We are excited too and Jonathan Bennett posted on his Instagram that he is thrilled to be starring in Hallmark Channel’s first Christmas movie featuring a gay storyline. Be sure to set your DVRs for November 22nd. 

Photo Credit: The Hallmark Channel

“That’s right! That’s gonna be so much fun!” 

Thank you Sutton for talking with us and letting us know about your holiday plans with The Sutton Concept we will be sure to stop by!” 

“Yes..I’ll be there!” 

Make sure you all follow Sutton on Instagram @suttonstracke and twitter @SuttonBStracke. You can also follow her boutique on Instagram @thesuttonconcept and check out their website for their featured picks. 

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