Sutton Stracke Picks Lori Loughlin as Potential Housewife, Would Want to Give Her a Piece of Her Mind

Sutton Stracke on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S10 E8, Dorit’s Buca Di Beppo, and thoughts Lori Loughlin joining the cast, plus LA Mission Awards Ceremony where cast member Garcelle Beauvais was honored with an award for her community service

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Posted On: June 28th, 2020 11:35 pm pst

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AfterBuzz TV in North Hollywood just went full Beverly Hills, thanks to former Southern debutante, contemporary socialite, and Real Housewife Sutton Stracke, who appeared on the After Show for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10, Episode 8. 

Fabulous is an understatement when describing this Southern belle. According to co-host and moderator Mayte Carillo, Stracke was named, “a top party host in America alongside Oprah and Michelle Obama”. 

Sutton definitely gave us a party for the duration of the show, and even made a point to invite us to one of her formal dinners (fingers crossed for that invite in the mail soon!). Though Stracke has Southern hospitality and warmth nailed down, she still knows how to have fun and show her sassy side, as proven on this unforgettable guest appearance. 

We started with a recap of Season 10, Episode 8 where we got the real behind-the-scenes scoop from one of the Real Housewives herself. 

First, we covered The LA Mission Awards Ceremony where cast member Garcelle Beauvais was honored with an award for her community service. During Garcelle’s speech, shade was thrown at her fellow cast members when she mentioned having “new best friends” but “some of them, not so much…”. 

In the episode, Kyle Richards took the shade personally, but when we posed the question to Sutton about who it was directed at, she admitted she thought it was directed at herself.

“I was in the bathroom … Erika and I were walking in during her speech … I thought it was thrown at me because I wasn’t sitting at the table,” said Stracke, making all of our jaws drop, “ … she made it clear later that it was definitely at Kyle.”

When asked about the awkward tension between Kyle and Garcelle, Sutton echoed all of our thoughts and agreed the tension seemed unnatural and forced, and never noticed any adversity on-set. 

Next, we moved onto Denise Richards’ dinner with husband Aaron, where Denise brought up feeling hurt by Lisa Rinna for calling her a hypocrite after not being transparent about threesomes with her children. The panel clashed on whether it’s appropriate for Denise to have an open dialogue with her children about sex, especially given their father Charlie Sheen and his past.

Sutton and Laura, the two mom’s on the panel, said they supported Denise in wanting to keep certain conversations private from children. Sutton admitted, however, she watched Episode 8 with her own teenage kids and saw no issue in letting them overhear the ladies discuss threesomes.

Naturally, this prompted a conversation about Kyle’s BBQ, where tensions between Denise and the other women reached a boiling point. The ladies grew offended when Denise lied that her kids were “having a sleepover”, and then shadily whispered to Garcelle, “I don’t want my kids around these ladies,” causing Kyle and her minion, Teddi Mellencamp, to overhear and stir up a fight. 

Sutton, however, was more inclined to talk about Dorit’s revealing, see-through Chanel dress she wore to the BBQ. “Let’s talk about that!” she said, which I replied “Denise’s outfit should be what makes Denise’s kids uncomfortable… not the topic of threesomes.”

Further, we all agreed it felt uncalled for when Aaron got involved and defended Denise. When asked about how she responded to Aaron’s backlash, Sutton pretty much said it all, “Aaron … stay pretty, Aaron.”

After a good chuckle over Sutton’s perfectly-put one-liner, we moved into the second part of the show, where we interviewed our V.I.P. guest about a variety of topics. 

We started out by asking about how she’s holding up amidst the current climate, specifically what it was like marching for Pride and Black Lives Matter. Sutton shared how it was not only her first time attending an event in that capacity, but it was also her daughter’s first time, making it “something they will never forget.”

We all showed adoration for Sutton’s relationship with her children, prompting the question of whether we will get to see more of their relationship in the next season, to which Sutton replied, “I pray for world peace, and I pray to show more of my family on TV.” 

Currently Sutton has not gained approval from her former husband to have their children on Reality TV, but our fingers are crossed for next season. 

We also got to hear all about Sutton’s closet, Dorit’s Buca Di Beppo, and even had time for a game of “Which Real Housewife Would Sutton like to Co-Star With?”. 

When she told us about her closet she described her tiara collection. I was quick to bring out mine and wear it for the rest of the show. “Don’t you feel so much better?” she asked me. “Are you kidding? I wear this every time I feel depressed,” I said. I think at that point we may have become best friends. 

When asked about Dorit’s Buca design, Sutton stayed pretty silent, causing all of us to giggle. “Is it as underwhelming in person as it is in pictures?” Laura asked. 

Sutton responded with her Southern sense of class, “I had never been there before, so I can’t speak to what it used to look like … but the food was good!” That was a smooth save, Sutton. 

Last, we gave her multiple potential housewives to choose from as co-stars. One pair we proposed was Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, both of whom were involved in the college admissions scandal. 

Surprisingly, Sutton chose Loughlin, and explained it’s only because she would want to give her a piece of her mind on why the crime she committed was wrong. 

The new Real Housewife on the block Sutton Stracke did not disappoint during our After Show. We were so grateful to experience her gracious, fun-loving energy and hear her thoughts on one of our favorite TV shows, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

To watch the full After Show episode, click here.

To find Sutton Stracke on social media, click here for Instagram and here for Twitter.

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