Survivor’s Ethan Zohn Shows Off Fake Hidden Immunity Idol And Talks TV Return

Survivor’s Ethan Zohn takes us back to the final tribal council, shows off his fake hidden immunity idol, and talks about his return to TV on Kings of Kush with Anthony Sullivan. Afterbuzz TV Loves Survivor!

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Posted On: May 28th, 2020 12:48 am pst

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Afterbuzz TV Loves Survivor: 

Who else has a case of the Survivor blues since the show’s 40th season, Winners At War aired its final episode back on May 13th, 2020? Don’t worry, us too! We miss Survivor Wednesday’s, we miss the perplexity of how Tony Vlachos never once had his name written down at tribal council, and watching the competition between old school and new school survivors. Luckily for us, Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor: Africa and contestant on Survivor: Winners At War stopped by AfterBuzz TV’s Survivor After Show to take us back to that epic finale. He talked about his jury vote, Sandra’s choice to leave the game, and the souvenirs he was able to sneak away from the Survivor set!

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After being voted out on day 9, Ethan found himself on the Edge of Extinction, where many players would later join him, including the queen and two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine. Sandra raising the flag and being the only returning winner to leave the game, left audiences shook. 

“I was a little ambivalent. Part of me completely understood her rationale. Surviving isn’t necessarily her thing. Her thing is strategy and gameplay and that stuff. That wasn’t happening on the Edge” 

However, Ethan went on to express that in the game of Survivor, anything can happen, especially this season. 

“You have to keep yourself alive cause you just never know what’s gonna happen in the game of Survivor, so that was my whole rationale for staying.” 

Sticking it out on Edge of Extinction unfortunately didn’t grant Ethan the chance to get back in the game, but it did give him the chance to become part of the jury and decide the outcome of this high-stakes season. 

Photo Credit: Survivor_CBS Entertainment

Survivor: Winners at War ended its epic run with Tony Vlachos becoming the second two-time winner with a 12-4-0 vote over Natalie Anderson and Michele Fitzgerald. Ethan takes us back to that epic night, expressing how he “struggled big time” with his vote, and although he wrote Natalie’s name down, he believes Tony was the rightful winner. While more weight was placed on gameplay and strategy rather than relationships and heart, Ethan still felt that was a big factor of the game. For Ethan, he never met Tony during his time on Survivor, and instead, lived on the Edge with Natalie. 

Photo Credit: Survivor_CBS Entertainment

“It’s like we’re in jail, and she broke out of jail and she was free, right? And she just validated how difficult and traumatic the Edge was. You can make a point where, like, well, the someone that deserves to win is someone that experiences the full game of Survivor, which is getting voted off, playing back in and winning.” 

Ethan may have had a difficult time choosing a winner, but what about everyone else? 

“I- I don’t think people’s minds were made up. I think a large percentage of the jurors’, their mind was made up, the people that played closest to Tony. I’m starting at I’d say Sophie, before Sophie everyone was maybe a little bit up in the air.” 

Photo Credit: Survivor_CBS Entertainment

After spending 39 days playing one of the most enjoyable games in Survivor history, who wouldn’t want to take home a souvenir to remember the action? Turns out, Ethan’s got quite a few Survivor souvenirs, some dating back to his time on Survivor: Africa, like an original, hand-drawn piece of tree mail. From this season, Ethan was (somehow) able to sneak out the machete from Edge of Extinction, the plaque from the brutal log challenge that pushed him to his limits, and Ethan even showed us the “never before seen on a podcast before” fake, hidden immunity idol he made. He was ready to get back in the game!

Photo Credit: Survivor After Show_AfterBuzz TV

Photo Credit: Survivor After Show_AfterBuzz TV

Ethan may have graced our television screens this season on Survivor, but he is no stranger to reality TV. Some of his favorite appearances outside of Survivor include Eco Challenge, PitchMen, and Ethan will be making his way back to TV this fall on Kings of Kush with Anthony Sullivan. 

Check out the entire interview here:

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