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AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: South Pacific edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor: South Pacific. In this episode, host Phil Svitek breaks down the episode in which when Cochran arrived at Redemption Island, he felt insulted and used by the Upolu alliance. Ozzy asked for Cochran’s vote at the Final Tribal Council, but Cochran would not commit to that as he felt insulted by the implication that he would lose at the Redemption Island Duel. On day 31, Edna expressed her frustration with being treated as an outsider of the Upolu alliance. In the middle of Edna making a tearful plea to Coach to spare her from the next vote, Brandon rudely interrupted the conversation when he burst into camp, yelling that the tribe had received tree mail with a Sprint HTC Evo 3D. The phone contained video messages from the castaways’ loved ones. At the Redemption Island Duel, Jeff took the phone back and announced that there was a twist to the duel, but that he would get to it later. While Cochran struggled during the grappling hook stage, he caught up during the labyrinth game and was just barely edged out by Ozzy. After Cochran departed the Redemption Island Arena, Jeff brought out all of the castaways’ loved ones. Jeff then told Ozzy he had to choose one person to spend some time with their loved ones. Ozzy picked Albert and his mother. Jeff then told Ozzy to select another and he picked Coach and his brother. Jeff then said to pick one final person and he picked Brandon and his father. After Edna, Rick, and Sophie left the Arena, Jeff handed the phone back to Ozzy and told the seven that they would be spending their time at Redemption Island. During the visit, Coach took the opportunity to promise Ozzy that “as a Christian man” that they would go to the final three should he return to the game. Brandon’s father tried to convince Brandon that he needed to play to win, not to always play with honor. Brandon’s father then told Coach that Brandon would follow any orders Coach would give as long as he took Brandon to the final three, but Coach was annoyed at the attempted manipulation. During the Immunity Challenge, after Brandon made his final move, he announced that he was making moves to prevent a particular person from winning immunity. Edna, enraged by his statements, cut him off and told him to go ahead and just name her. In the end, Coach beat out Edna by a wide margin to take Individual Immunity. When the tribe returned to camp, Sophie and Rick were annoyed about Brandon’s actions during the challenge. Brandon tried to apologize to Edna, but Edna did not accept it as she thought it was insincere. Edna appealed to Albert, Coach, and Sophie to follow the tribe’s mantra of playing with “Honor. Loyalty. Integrity.” and to vote Brandon out for going against those values. Edna then took Coach aside, asking him to either pass the Immunity Necklace to her or give her the Hidden Immunity Idol, but Coach refused, saying that he would potentially ruin his own game if he did. Not giving up, Edna went back to Albert and Sophie, proposing that the three of them and Coach make a Final 4 pact. Believing that Edna would be an easy person to beat in the finals, Albert took her plan into consideration. At Tribal Council, Edna lambasted Brandon for his erratic behavior and his poor treatment of her. Edna then argued to the rest of the Upolu alliance that if they truly believed in their mantra, they would keep her and vote out Brandon. Despite all her efforts, however, the core alliance of five stuck together and sent Edna to Redemption Island by a vote of 5–1. There to help Phil are co-hosts Steve “The Steamer” and Robb Zbacnik. It’s Survivor: South Pacific’s “Ticking Time Bomb” podcast!

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