SUR Server Danica Dow Claps Back at Stassi Schroeder’s Coronavirus Joke, Meanwhile Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval Raise Money for Unemployed Tom Tom Staff on Cameo

Written by: Jane Johnsen – April 16th, 2020 8:31pm pst


Looks like Stassi has gotten herself in another twitter war! This time with SUR’s Assistant Manager, Danica Dow. 

Stassi recently tweeted, “I’m willing to go back to waitressing at SUR for this quarantine to be over. Honestly— at this point, I’d pay to put on that SUR dress and clock in.” Peter Madrigal even replied to her sassy quip with a fake shift assignment. But Danica was not amused. 

Danica replied, “While Tom & Tom are raising money for their employees, you’re kind of insulting this pandemic that has left everyone at sur having to file for unemployment. Everyone at Sur is struggling while you’re insensitively cracking jokes & sitting pretty in your new house smh.”

It’s true that Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz have done their part, as 5% owners of Tom Tom, to raise money via Cameo video requests, donating 100% of the profits to their staff and matching all donations. 

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump confirmed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that while her staff is on unemployment, she is focusing her charity efforts on the Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

Credit: Watch What Happens Live

SUR server Raquel Leviss posted on Instagram, I apologize to those who have reached out requesting $ from me to help with hardships. Unfortunately I’m not in a place to donate to individuals at this time and I feel horrible about that. Like many, I am currently unemployed from my waitressing position at SUR.”

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